Cut the ^%$# and let's go!

Wow, lots of time since the last post. Much has happened. I won’t get into all, but rather highlight some of the goodies.

Mr. Bean is on vacation while the kids are on Spring Break. We’ve been running him ragged on family outings. My favorite so far was a trip to the Maritime Aquarium in Connecticut. We’d never been to this one before. We had a fairly good day despite the breeziness. A nice warm wool sweater would have been a good thing to have.. I won’t bore you with details but if you’d like to see some photos of the trip, be my guest. 🙂

I highly recommend you up there even if only to pet the stingless rays. They felt sooo umm.. I’m not sure WHAT the word is.. not velvety but just something you don’t expect.

We tried to go to the Guggenheim Museum but it was a full house. I must remember never to attempt to go when EVERYONE in the world(or so it seems) is on vacation. When that didn’t work we settled on the American Museum of Natural History. I used to work there a long time ago and it has really changed a lot since then. We took a bunch of pictures, but really, a zoo would have been the same, only with live animals. 🙂

You want to hear about yarn and fabric crafts, don’t you?
Let’s see:

I’m halfway to finishing this bag:Almost done...

I couldn’t get a hold of the Happy Hooker to make the Fat Bottom Bag like I’d wanted so I went on good ole’ Ravelry and found this gem. Now all that’s left is to put a fabric lining in and attach the handles.

I’ve since finished this sweater(but without the hood–there goes that streak of LAZY again), and I had a picture of it with two zippers laying on it for advice on which color to use. Then I realized I’d purchased dress zippers instead of separating zippers and now I have to go back to the store. But at least this time I know I’ll go with pink. I’m surprised it still fits littlest Beanlet. I’d better finish it before she heads off to college. 🙂

I’ve finished a pair of socks and am looking for a pattern for a next pair. I’ve resumed the 2009 Block-a-Month Crochet A Long but with different yarn. And I’m starting all over again. So far we’re up to April. I’ve switched to Caron Simply Soft in bunch of colors–gotta love a coupon from Michaels!– because I think my slow-down on the project was slightly due to not really feeling the yarn. I AM using it for a different idea. Trying to make up some knit tops for the girl Beanlets. Easy-peasy, and the Cotton Ease is sproingy enough for it, but not soft enough for the blocks..

Forgive the jumbled thoughts. I haven’t really felt much like blogging. But I have been working on projects. Mr. Bean and I were debating a newer camera that would help my photos pop more. Maybe then I would feel like my posts were worth something. Because after all, aren’t the PHOTOS what people really want to see on blogs like this? 🙂

For now, I’ll just leave you with these cute little guys(or girls?)

Maritime Aquarium CT 045

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