Can’t sleep? Blog!(or, At it again!)

Today was a good day. Went to MIL’s with the kids and got to work on another iteration of the Center Square block from the 2009 Block-a-Month crochet-along. Finished it at the NYC Sit ‘n Knit meetup.

Center Square block number 2

Then I started another with some of the same colors:

Center Square block number 3

Despite an error in the pattern(which I think I’ve managed to figure out–or reasonably fudge), this is a very addictive square pattern. I’m debating just leaving the CAL and just making a blanket full of these. It’s insane. I have 3 more colors of the Caron Simply Soft that I haven’t used yet: Raspberry, Soft Green(which I like to refer to as Mint), and Bone( aka Beige). Seeing as I haven’t gone too far with this 3rd block I might rip back that light blue and continue it in some of the unused colors. And, is it bad that I’m wanting to go back to the store with another discount coupon to get the colors I didn’t buy? 😉

In other news, how many of you out there are knitting Decimal, from the latest Knitty? I am waiting for school vacation to be over so I can cast-on without interruptions. Well, I do have a stack of new stitch markers(read: coil rings) to keep track of how many stitches I have. I also have a tube of super glue and lots of beads 😀 . So at least I have something to look forward to for Sunday. Otherwise, I’m set to knit Decimal using Elann Lara in Antique Blue. Lara is one of the yarns several knitters have used for this cardigan. So, I thought I’d give it a try. It’s a bit splitty but my best alternative would have been KP Shine and that sheds like nobody’s business. I took splitty over fuzz-all-over-creation. I finally got around the gauge issues and am looking forward to working on it.

If I can stop crocheting those squares. 😉


One comment on “Can’t sleep? Blog!(or, At it again!)

  1. Enid says:

    that is a very interesting motif, I haven’t seen it before. you have chosen the colours very well.

    as to the coupon, well, it would be silly and wasteful not to use it!!!!

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