What a week!!

After coming off the high of not having to get up at the a$$crack of dawn every morning, it was back to the grind. The kids grumped about having to go back to school but they got over that pretty quickly. The rest of the week, was easy-peasy. On Thursday things got interesting. I got to hang out at Knitty City to see my knitty friend Kristen Rengren at her first book signing!! for “Vintage Baby Knits”.

Kristen and Me

(smaller photo so Kristen doesn’t smother me with a fleece).

I got an acknowledgement in the book!! I wasn’t expecting that, and Mr. BeanKnit was tickled pink, as if it were HIS name.. sheesh. 🙂

I must admit that I was not planning on knitting anything from the book because all my newborn days are behind me, and for all the people I know who are expecting, their gifts are already made. I’ve never really been thrilled at knitting baby items, which is weird because I like quick knits. Part of it is an apprehension about the item possibly being too small for the baby, and the rest is simply not knowing that many pregnant women. In fact, I have one friend whose infant is now 5 months old! She’s actually a friend of hubby’s so we don’t talk much; she sorta snuck that by us like a teenager tippytoeing in from a party at 3am.

After having manhandled the knits from Kristen’s book at the signing/trunk show, and getting a better look at the patterns(and photos), I think I might have to knit some of these just for the experience. Don’t ask me who I’ll give them to though..

Then on Saturday I packed a cooler with some goodies and hauled the kids out to Central Park. We had one helluva day. We got there just in time for the 15th Annual Parkinson’s Unity Walk. (which heretofore I’d never heard of). Throngs of people filled the park, and still more coming. Had I known about it, I’d have found a sitter and participated.

We set up under a still-blooming tree and kept inching around it as the sun kept finding me. Eventually we moved further uptown and landed at the Harlem Meer:

The Harlem Meer

I used to hear that phrase, “The Harlem Meer” alot and wondered what the hell it was. Turns out, it’s a lake. Who knew? Since moving I’d find myself going by there and thinking that one day I’d like to go visit. Since the kids didn’t get their playground on and I wasn’t ready to go home just yet, we stopped by and the kids got good and tired.

While we hit up the parks I worked on more of the Center Heart squares.. I’ve finally made it to 8:

Heart Madness

I’d still like to get some of the colors I don’t yet have. I’m a little wary though, because some of the yarns are thinner and not as tightly plied as the others.. I’m hoping the rest of the colors are better.

Well, that’s it for this weekend. See ya round!

2 comments on “What a week!!

  1. Love the squares! You’re really going to town on those!

  2. Necia says:

    I love your squares. I wanna make some. Can you email me with links when u get a chance? I have an ish load of acrylic that needs to be used up!

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