Checking In

I know, you’ve been wondering where the heck I’ve been. I’ve been here, but not accomplishing much. Mostly crochet and knitting. I’ve put the Big A$$ Crochet blanket on hold while I find a new square to start adding to it. I thought I had a suitable addition but it’s not turning out the size I want. June is almost here so maybe one of the June CAL squares will work for it.

Stack of blocks

There’s tons of sewing I want to do. Keyword: want. After 6 months we finally got some decent shelving in the living room which allows me to put all my crafting books and magazines out in the place I work in most. Hubby is in denial and thinks the entire space will be dedicated to books. Boy is he in for a surprise. My intention was to put a few yarn skeins, fiber balls and fat quarters on there as well. Now the patterns are readily accessible but one thing still bugs me and sorta kills my motivation: I have neither room nor money for a long, one-piece work table that’s tall enough for me to not have to bend over double to cut large swaths of fabric. A friend suggested getting a plain hollow-core door and putting legs on it. Sounded good and I did a little online research. Pricing isn’t too bad for the door, but the only LEGS I could find that were tall enough are $15 apiece. Yes, I am cheap, why do you ask? Of course, the other thing that stopped me was: do I really have the space for such a table, KNOWING it won’t be collapsible? Folding leg sets are even MORE expensive.

Right now I’m working with two card tables. One is slightly shorter than the other and is starting to buckle in the middle of one side. And Cookie has sunk her claws in the top and ripped the covering. And I’m really not thrilled with the fact that if I press too hard between them while holding fabric as I pin it, the tables separate. Yeah. Every rectangular folding table I see isn’t long enough on the short side. Nor are they tall enough. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. So sewing dreams go unfulfilled.

Hell, I’m just lazy.


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