Oops, how could I forget?

It has been a year since Cookie came to live with us. We got her more towards the end of April, but silly me is just now getting around to remembering to post.

Oh don't mind me...

This cat never ceases to amaze me. It seems like yesterday we got her home and she scampered behind the couch and hid…for days. After a few days she came out and tried a little food, and horked it back up and that story repeated for a few days. Eventually she settled in a bit. At that point in time, she was more hubby’s cat than anyone else’s. Though she didn’t readily come to us, she seemed to avoid him less. Eventually she tolerated being kid-handled and loved up by all of us, those she still has her moments when she’s hands-off.

In June we got Sneakers and HE did the run-and-hide bit. Cookie regarded him like a little interloper. Very wary, and somewhat jealous. Most of the time they’d be at it, but sometimes I’d catch her loving him up. Sneaky little girl. She seemed to settle just fine, into her Big Sister role.

Finally getting along

When we first got Cookie, she never liked getting on our bed to cuddle with us. She’d either hide under our bed or stay in the living room. Now that we’ve moved this chick won’t stay OUT of our bed. Mainly it’s her coming in to get us to feed her, but even after she’s full and happy she comes and sits on my head. Or if I’m up already I might go in the room and find her on my side of the bed, knocked out next to hubby. Usually looking something like this:


Hubby thinks she’s taken to the point that she might actually like me because she’ll follow me around. Whatever room I’m in, she’s in. Even when she’s been fed. I guess she’s turning into MY cat, too..


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