Procrastination at Its Finest (long post)

WIPs of Shame

I’ll just get straight to the point. This photo represents a stack of things I need to finish. Procrastination with a capital P. This stuff should have BEEN finished. But, I am lazy. With a capital L.

1) I’m supposedly cataloging all my favorite, and/or tried-and-true recipes as well as the most promising craft patterns, and some important how-to’s so I don’t have to always go online for the answer. I got that binder like two months ago. Got my own printer so I can print without having to run all the way to the room to pick up the print-outs(and for some reason, nothing I did would allow me to reestablish a remote link to the old printer through hubby’s computer, which has resorted to continually shutting off, turning on, and shutting off all. day. long.) You see how far I’ve gotten.

Addendum: 1a) Seeing if I can find an answer as to why that’s happening. Though I think it’s either some crazy hibernation setting or his power supply is about to go down the tubes.

2) Some flour sackclothwhatevers I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond some 4 months or so ago. Never even decided if I was going to dye any of them(there are 6) before making aprons or perhaps venturing into fabric printing. They work great for covering delicate clothes while ironing, though.

3) Littlest Beanlet’s Spring Sweater. I got really lazy with this one. It was supposed to have a) a hood! and b) embroidery on the front. We know where those ideas went. Right along with where hubby’s power supply is probably going. I STILL need to go get the right kind of zipper after I mindlessly jumped at a zipper sale and bought the wrong kind. SMRT. If I hurry I can get it done before she has a 5 year old.

4) My substitute for the Fat Bottom Bag. Yeah. I couldn’t get my hands on the actual pattern so I tried making something along the same lines with a free pattern on the net. I’m a little nervous about properly sewing the handles in, and I’d like to line the bag but I have some sort of mental block keeping me from selecting a fabric from my stash that’ll go with it. I think it’s the fear that I’ll realize that even with ALL that fabric I don’t have enough of a nice fabric. And I really don’t need to buy more. So that’s on hold. And I finished the knitting over a month ago.

Are you still with me?

5) Decimal. I swatched and had a hell of a time getting gauge. Finally changed needles and got stitch gauge but not row gauge. I was instructed to count the rows in the pattern and divide that by the intended row gauge and that would help me to figure how far to knit before shaping and such. I’m a chicken. I even toyed with the idea of using the yarn for Hey Teach! but it’s a short-sleeve and I was really hoping to have long sleeves. There are workarounds for making long sleeves but of course no one wants to give concrete details. I’m not fond of craft math(gasp!), so I guess I’ll just take my chances with Decimal.

6) Reworked Nutkins socks. If you know these socks, you know that both motifs point the same way. So I decided to turn one of them around and got something that closely resembles Monkeys. Nothing wrong with that, but I was really hoping for something… different. I got lazy(there’s that word again) and didn’t want to do a heel flap and I’m falling out of love with short row heels(those damn holes on the sides no matter what I do!), so I did an after though heel. And never finished. The toes are funky and squarish; don’t know what happened there. I’ve since cast on and finished one of another pair of socks and am on the heel flap of the mate. Insanity, I tell you.

7) That’s the socks I was just talking about. But I took this picture before I started the second one. I was supposed to post this at least a week ago. See, I told you I’m a mess. šŸ™‚


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