Since I last wrote…

I had a lot going on. Mucho stress. Last week hubby came down with a combo of strep throat and the flu(though honestly, I don’t really know if he had the flu, as I would have expected him to have been sicker because he has asthma) but thankfully he’s fine now. I had a CT Scan of my own and in the back of my mind I’m worried about that. Then on the Friday I took Sneakers to the vet because he just would NOT stop scratching the wounds Cookie had inflicted on him. Some of you may know he fell out of the window in March. I don’t think he’s been ‘right’ since. I’m sure that contributed to him scratching all the time. Finally the vet coned him but then he stopped drinking. If I left him without the cone so he could get some water, he’d just run off to hide and scratch some more. Nothing I put on him would stop it. He even got shots and that didn’t help either. I finally had to let him go. I surrendered him to a local shelter and I hope someone with way more money, time and patience can help him to get better. I am angry for having thought I could handle the expense of two cats. I now see, I can not. Sneakers had a good year with us, so I hope he can give some fuzzy love to someone else.

This is my last photo of him:

Space Kitty!

In happier news, I’ve been trying to keep the crafting going. It’s funny how a few years ago I’d gone so far as to get a book that would help me ‘translate/convert’ knitting patterns into crochet, just to avoid learning to knit. And now that I know how, I’ve been doing nothing but crochet lately. I am down to the last 7 blocks of the Big-A$$ Crochet blanket. I’ve decided I like the block I’m using so I kept on, but I know I am not going to want to join/seam/weave in a bajillion blocks, so I’m cutting it off at 25. That’s 5- 12″ blocks by 5. Should be a nice size for lounging on the couch.

I did swatch some handspun I re-discovered in my stash earlier this week.

Merino 64s dyed with Wiltons ,

and it’s going to be: Baby sweater to be! .

I probably have enough of the yarn for the sweater, some booties and a hat! yay!

But wait, there’s more! I also got a bit of sewing in, too:

 Notions pouch
Just a simple zippered pouch as found on Though I’m sure there are many similar patterns around the web. The fabric is some fat quarters I got from City Quilter.

And if you’re looking for something sweet:
Homemade cheesecake

I made a cheesecake! This thing was huge. Next time I need to make a smaller one but MAN it’s good!! I think I’ll also work on using a ‘real’ topping. This was just a swirl cake with strawberry jam. It’s good but not the same as the kind with the strawberries on top!

That’s been my week. Hope you had a productive one, too.

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