Learn as you go (or, &^%$#!!!)

Apple Green Apron

Funny how I queried some online craft buddies if I should make a pair of PJ pants or a new apron. I really didn’t feel like cutting the pants out, so I compromised. Sorta. I used some leftover fabric from a pair of PJ pants to make this apron. Hee. It’s loosely based on this pattern. Of course, you see it’s not nearly the same, which accounts for the (or, &^%$#!!!) in the post title. I goofed up in some places, and had a hell of a time turning one of the ties inside-out (am I the only person who hates that part?) and wound up poking a hole in the fabric trying to turn it with a screwdriver(don’t laugh!), which cause me to cut the remaining tie in half, and so instead of a bowtie, it’s that little thing you see in the front. For what it’s worth, I could never tie a bow properly anyway.

Maybe I’ll get to the PJ pants tomorrow later on this week.


2 comments on “Learn as you go (or, &^%$#!!!)

  1. Karen says:

    Chopsticks! That’s what I use for those little points when turning things inside out. AND what my mother uses…I learned from her. I do like turning things inside out, sorry. I’m a weirdo, but you knew that already. 🙂

  2. Patrice says:

    You know I have yet to make an apron!
    Yours is very cute.

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