Saturday Crafting

After running some errands this morning I decided to stop by one of my favorite fabric haunts, City Quilter. I’d been poring through Seams To Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing, by Anna Maria Horner, and the Full Contact Cooking Apron caught my eye. I went to the shop to see what sale fabrics I could use for the pattern. Frugality got the best of me and I decided to skip a new fabric purchase and see what I’ve got in the stash that could be used. I haven’t actually looked yet, but I know there’s something in there and I really shouldn’t be splurging right about now.

I did manage to get more sewing in, and finished another zippered pouch, this time for Biggest Beanlet. She needed something to carry her small personals with her so this fits the bill and decreases my stash. I was going to let her sew it herself but she found the instructions a little complicated and chickened out.

Zippered again!

Before I got around to doing this though, I finished off 4 of the remaining 7 blocks for my Big-A$$ Crochet Blanket. I really should get into weaving in the ends. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t buy any fabric. I just remembered I need to buy some black yarn to join the blocks. Oops.

In other Oops.. I took a look in the Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and realized the smallest size was 26″. That’s a bit too big for an infant, if I remember my babies correctly. But I already had a smaller/closer to newborn size sweater pattern in my files that I’d forgotten about, so I’ll just use that.

Right now, I’m debating digging in the stash some more to at least work on a half apron I’d purchased the fabric for, last year.
pink and yellow goodies If you remember that photo, there you have it. I realize now the fabric’s a little thin, so I might just line it. And wouldn’t you know it, seeing this photo I just remembered I have that dress fabric I bought last year. I chickened out of making it, but now that I have TWO grad ceremonies this year to attend, I’d better get a move on.


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