Never put off 'til tomorrow, what you can put off 'til the following week!

Previously I’d mentioned the Psychedelic Squares Apron from “Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing”. It is a very straight-forward pattern. The instructions in the book indicate that you should enlarge the templates and then print out the result. The author suggested either having professional copy-and-print shops do the work, or you can do it yourself by printing the enlarged pattern out onto a bazillion pieces of paper and then taping them together.

After trying to do just that, and having no sucess, I ventured out to FedEx/Kinkos AND Staples and neither would do it, citing copyright infringement. Nevermind that the author explicitly tells you could DO it. I trolled around the internet looking for a free/inexpensive program that would help me visualize and place the pieces onto the bazillion sheets of paper so I could go back to my original intent of printing the templates myself. That didn’t go over well either. But thanks to the wonderful, resourceful and fun people on Ravelry, I have decided to take yet another route.

I was told to get a small craft projector and beam the image onto a wall. I could hang some paper on that, and copy the lines. Bingo! I now have an excuse to get a big roll of pattern paper from a local shop. But that’ll have to wait until next week when I have free time(and cash 😉 ).

In the meantime the Apple Green Apron is being put to work. 🙂


One comment on “Never put off 'til tomorrow, what you can put off 'til the following week!

  1. calyx says:

    Hi, blow-in here from Google. That’s so nonsense what they said about copyright, it’s fair use, and you can photocopy a certain percentage of a book for private use anyway (10% in my country). Hope your projector idea worked – looking to do something similar myself.

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