Quickie-Drive-By post…

The hands have been busy lately. I haven’t caught up on my old projects but I did start new ones. Like this crochet blanket:

Ring around the stash-busting

Just a random, huge granny square blanket that I somehow fell into. I crash-landed in crochet land a few months ago when I started the Big-A$$ Crochet Blanket. No sightings of Tom Hanks or a creepy-looking volleyball, but bets aren’t off just yet. I did another blanket like this a few years ago for a friend’s little one, but this one will get to be much bigger. I’m whittling down the stash with this puppy. Using whatever I can find that works with an H hook. Heck, I might even double some thinner yarns just to get them used up.

That’s been put on hold for the next week or so, because on Saturday I started working on a graduation dress for littlest Beanlet:

Beanlet Grad Dress-- Simplicity 4647

I’m making that pink get-up right there. I just jumped in headfirst with a complicated garment and I can’t turn back. I’m mostly done so I’m actually ahead of schedule, seeing as the event is on Friday and today is only Monday. So far, I have:

  • 1) Stabbed myself various times with pins
    2)Invented new cuss-words upon realizing I’ve messed up something
    3)Gone half-blind trying to pick loose errant stitching–White on white is crazy-making!
    4)Hollered 400000 times at the cat to ‘Stay off the %$%$ table!’
    5)Flip-flopped on whether I was willing crazy enough to try to make Biggest Beanlet’s grad dress too!( I won’t. Not enough time.)
  • You can see more photos of the adventure here.

    Ok, back to the trenches!


    One comment on “Quickie-Drive-By post…

    1. Karen says:

      I’d like to know these new cuss words…..

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