Week in Review


I got the dress finished in time for the ceremony. I’d majorly jacked up making the jacket in a way I can’t even begin to describe. Let’s just say getting an arm in would have been impossible. Biggest Beanlet loved her dress, and overall I’m glad I didn’t just buy something from a store. One classmate even said she would come to me for dresses, but I don’t think I’m that good.

The pattern itself is nice and could be made with a nice sturdy cotton that wouldn’t need the ruffle under it. So I might just pull another one off for the summer. I’m more interested in getting some elastic thread and making my own shirred fabrics to make the girls some sun dresses. Pre-shirred fabric is hella expensive. Last year I made dresses for the girls and the ONLY way I got the fabric was that it was on sale. Home shirring is time and labor intensive but the upside is that I can do it with any fabric I like and not just be stuck with whatever’s already prepped.

I put the final rounds on the crochet Whatchamablanket, so all it needs is weaving and blocking. I haven’t touched the Big-A$$ Crochet Blanket in a few weeks, but don’t feel too bad. I haven’t knit in a few weeks either. Sewing just took over and I’m not sure when I’ll be dabbling in yarn again. Though, I got a glimpse at Amy King’s new spinning book so I may do a little spinning this weekend.

I got in a few new fabrics from a Fabric.com sale the other day and I’m itching to dig in and make some more lounge/PJ pants. Hopefully I can squeeze some pairs for the girls out of the remnants. Also on the agenda is some shorts for all the kids. They’re sorely lacking in that department.

School’s out for the Summer and I can’t wait to enjoy it with the kids. YAY!


2 comments on “Week in Review

  1. The dress turned out so darling! Hurray for sewing!

  2. Mary says:

    Gorgeous!!! Your daughter looks so beautiful and proud! Great job!

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