What’s a crafty girl to do?

Drying some goodies

That’s four of the five clothes horses I own. The pink/white/brown/yellow flowered print is actually folded double but it’s a thin cotton so that shouldn’t hinder its drying. I could have pulled out the fifth horse and spread the fabric out on it, but I needed room for my table to sew on. As it stands, I’m typing this at my little computer desk, crammed in the corner with Cookie. She’s knocked out as I type.

I now have a better understanding of why some fabricfiends prefer smaller pieces of fabric, like fat quarters. They’re so much easier to handle. I had a ball adding to my stash, nonetheless. Between a sale at Fabric.com and another at Joann, I racked up lovely.

6,7 and 8 are from Fabric.com. They are cottons I want to use for PJ/lounge pants, and the solid blue is gorgette for a headwrap. It’s 2 yards so that might wind up being a blouse instead. Depends on what I dig up in my pattern stash.

3 is some batik fabric I grabbed at the Save-a-thon while on an emergency pattern run for Big Beanlet’s grad dress. Stupid me was checking the pattern in another branch of the store and forgot to put half the instructions back in. I get home and didn’t actually start the project til a few days later. So of course I’m ready to dig in and realize I’m missing half the instructions. I remembered the salesgirl telling me it was the last copy of it! They probably didn’t remember that I’d had the instructions out of the envelope and threw away the rest of it. I had to run to another branch to get the pattern AGAIN so I could complete the dress. Good thing I noticed though. Turns out I had a 1/2 size too large for kiddo anyway. Live and learn.

All the rest, including the pillows came from a Joann’s run. I got the kids up early Saturday morning(the HORROR!) and dragged took them with me to Staten Island via the ferry. We had a day of it, with Biggest Beanlet choosing a fabric to make her pillow with. Middle Beanlet said he wanted a pillow too. I don’t know if he’ll want to sew it himself. Time will tell. The black and green florals were remainders on the bolt so I just took what was left; usually around 3 yds. I had a sick urge for yellow, hence the ladybugs. This all started out with a notions run as well, because I wanted to get the fixings for shirring my own fabrics( I might do that with the green!) and damn if Joanns didn’t have ANY elastic thread! How the hell?! So I still have to troll the textiles/notions district for elastic thread. I mean really. Are they that serious about selling pre-shirred fabrics that they wouldn’t give a crafter the chance to TRY and do it themselves? Sheesh.

BB’s behind me jumping up and down, probably thinking she’s speed-drying her fabric so she can get started. I could iron it dry, but I’m not gonna tell her that 😉 .


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