All sorts of stuff has been going on around here lately. Summer’s half over and the kids are slowly gearing up for another school year. I love em but I can’t wait for school to start. 🙂

To calm my nerves there have been trips to Gramma, the local pools, museums and parks. I’ve also been visiting fabric shops more, though not always buying.  I did finally make the leap to getting a serger.


I call it Buddy. That’s a skirt on the outside but it’s neither male or female to me. It’s a ‘buddy’ to my sewing machine, which just happens to be of the same brand. Also, I learned too late that other ‘brands’ make this same model for probably much less. Some would argue that the ‘lesser’ name also means lesser quality with that lower price. I guess I’ll never know, cause it’s not like I’m gonna buy another one just to see. I’m happy.

Can you believe all these years I didn’t really understand the meaning of the phrase, “learning curve”? Well, I know what it means now! Working with Buddy carries a long curve. But I still love it. Just like with my sewing machine(one day I’ll name that too), I have one thing I love most about it. Unlike my sewing machine, which loses it’s electronic settings when you turn it off, Buddy stays right how you left it. Of course, it’s totally mechanical which is why. But it is my favorite feature.

I’m not sure what made me buy a serger more, the ability to truly finish edges, or a better way to sew knits. I fully admit my trepidation with sewing knits on a ‘regular’ machine is what kept me from really delving into sewing with knits/stretchy fabrics. One of the things I wanted to do most with the serger was sew t-shirts and sweats. Like this one:

T shirt!

My first T-shirt for littlest Beanlet. I have another for big girl in the works as well, but it needs the finishing touches. The girls are excited to wear them and the boy and even Mr. BeanKnits are asking for one. My plan was to make and then dye them. I know the kids would love to help with that. I doubt I’ll be able to whip up enough for their school wardrobe, what with the price of white cotton jersey fabric. But right now I have enough for another 4 or 5 shirts, depending on who’s getting them. I have some pink knit fabric as well and can’t wait to dig into that for some more mature tops. 😉 Ohh and maybe a nightgown! Forgot about that. 😉

Right now my brain’s kind of mush from all the crazy going on the last few days. Hubby running around on a mission for school supplies on the cheap; me having to sit on my hands and not buy every bit of knit fabric I see; and Cookie having fleas. I don’t know how she got them. Some have said someone brought them in with their shoes, maybe the stray we took in back in early June gave them to her. It sure took a while for us to notice. Which all things considered might be good because any longer and we might ALL be itching like mad. I’m trying to do my best and preemptive cleaning and such and I’m SO GLAD we don’t have carpet. We got Cookie some meds today and she had a bath yesterday(OMG what an ordeal that was!), so hopefully things won’t get out of hand. Sigh.

One last change is my new blog location. I guess you found it if you’re reading this. 😉 I had been toying with the idea of having my blogs hosted by a hosting service, rather than using the free services. I’m not yet into a more in-depth web presence( i.e., commercial) but already I’m seeing a big difference just in the variety of blog themes and ability to customize things. At some point I might even go back into podcasting, or some sort of audio/video casting hybrid. We’ll see. Much of my crafting is so visual that I was having a hard time with the audio casting. There just might be a solution out there somewhere. Any ideas? Let me know!


5 comments on “Goings-on

  1. peri says:

    It’s so great to see you blogging again. I miss your podcasts too.

  2. Karen says:

    Welcome to your new home! 🙂 Sergers scare me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever need/get one.

  3. Necia says:

    I love your tshirts. And, to think all this talking we’ve been doing, and you haven’t even mentioned your Buddy. Hmnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I definitely want more details. The spot across the street from me, the knit jersey is $1/yd. Let me know when you coming down here. What pattern is your tshirt? I think I need to make a few. Lol.

    Oh and loving the blog.

  4. Laura says:

    Great new website! Looks like a good start. (I want to eat your banner!)

    You are so brave. I think sergers are scary. You can’t take it out! It cuts the fabric! EEK! But the finished edge looks so nice. Soon your whole family will be wearing knit fabric 🙂

    I hope Cookie’s flea problem is solved now.

  5. spin says:

    Look at you with your new blog! YAYYY! So glad you left a comment so I could find you! 😀
    How are you and how is everybody in chat? I so want to come by, but I am just on the go all the time! LOL

    Sending lots of hugs to you and everybody!


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