5 thoughts on “Goings-on”

  1. I love your tshirts. And, to think all this talking we’ve been doing, and you haven’t even mentioned your Buddy. Hmnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I definitely want more details. The spot across the street from me, the knit jersey is $1/yd. Let me know when you coming down here. What pattern is your tshirt? I think I need to make a few. Lol.

    Oh and loving the blog.

  2. Great new website! Looks like a good start. (I want to eat your banner!)

    You are so brave. I think sergers are scary. You can’t take it out! It cuts the fabric! EEK! But the finished edge looks so nice. Soon your whole family will be wearing knit fabric 🙂

    I hope Cookie’s flea problem is solved now.

  3. Look at you with your new blog! YAYYY! So glad you left a comment so I could find you! 😀
    How are you and how is everybody in chat? I so want to come by, but I am just on the go all the time! LOL

    Sending lots of hugs to you and everybody!


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