Putting Buddy to the Test

I’ve been doing a bit of sewing and serging, as I’d previously noted I would. It was time to really give Buddy a workout and see how well he did. I’d been meaning to make some T-shirts for the family and I knew that would be the perfect project to test Buddy out.

I basically sewed the shirt pieces together and then used the serger to finish the seams. I also used it to add the neckbands. I think that was my favorite part, although I need to work on some of the technique. The instructions tell me to use the sewing machine to baste the band closed so that sewing it to the shirt would be easier. I could just imagine having to fiddle with the fabric while feeding it into the serger, especially since I can’t really work with pins like the regular machine. But, the fabric keeps getting stuck in the feed dogs on the machine while I’m basting. I thought about covering the hole but then the bobbin thread has no way out. And, the needle goes in there too. So I’m thinking I’m gonna have to just serge it all together slowly, and take my time.

I’ve been wanting to improve the sleeve shape but I’m loathe to rip any shirts the kids already have. So I went and got a few patterns to help ease the pain. I hope to get started on using them by the end of the week.

After sewing the shirts I decided to tie-dye some of them and let the kids choose their colors:
Purple Tie-Dye Shirt

Purple for Big girl and

Yellow tie-dye shirt

Yellow for little girl. I’m thinking green or orange for the boy Beanlet, and probably pink or red for myself. We’ve got a BBQ to attend this weekend so I’m thinking that will be the perfect time to wear them. I’ve got a bit more knit fabric in various colors that I hope to turn into short sets. And some silky pink knit fabric for a nightgown. There’s a plan brewing to have the kids stay with Gramma for a few days before school starts. I want to make sure they are ready to go with enough clothes. And what will I do when they’re gone? Sew more stuff of course! šŸ™‚


4 comments on “Putting Buddy to the Test

  1. bezzie says:

    Love the purple one. They look more batik-ish to me than tie-dye.

  2. Necia says:

    I can’t believe those are Bean sewn tshirts. I love it! You go woman! What kind of serger did you get anyway?

  3. cici says:

    Well done. The photos came out great?

  4. margreet says:

    at a teddybearmaking workshop (thick mohair fabric) I learned you can use a thing out of electronics shops to clamp any material that can’t be pinned, I think the American teacher called them crocodile-clamps, think of a metal clothespin but smaller and it is a bit like the very large one you use while working on a car battery to jumpstart it. Eh, I don’t know how to explain this, I am Dutch, the thingies come in different sizes, but you could also use very small plastic clamps you use to hold a bundle of papers together. They both work like magic to -pin- I mean clamp fabric together for your serging, people who sew leather handbags at home tend to use them too, just go to your do-it-yourself shop and have a look around, you will recognize what I mean on seeing it. Good luck, sergers are great, only some materials need a common sewingmachine stitching to prevent the seams from opening up a little, usually the very thin materials, think handkerchief thickness.

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