Putting Buddy to the Test

4 thoughts on “Putting Buddy to the Test”

  1. at a teddybearmaking workshop (thick mohair fabric) I learned you can use a thing out of electronics shops to clamp any material that can’t be pinned, I think the American teacher called them crocodile-clamps, think of a metal clothespin but smaller and it is a bit like the very large one you use while working on a car battery to jumpstart it. Eh, I don’t know how to explain this, I am Dutch, the thingies come in different sizes, but you could also use very small plastic clamps you use to hold a bundle of papers together. They both work like magic to -pin- I mean clamp fabric together for your serging, people who sew leather handbags at home tend to use them too, just go to your do-it-yourself shop and have a look around, you will recognize what I mean on seeing it. Good luck, sergers are great, only some materials need a common sewingmachine stitching to prevent the seams from opening up a little, usually the very thin materials, think handkerchief thickness.

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