Food, Friends, and Fabric–What a Weekend!

Though I was planning on a Saturday BBQ with some crafting friends, it rained, so we had it on Sunday. For two years now, I’d been invited to the SistahFriends’ Knit-a-Que held in Harlem. I could never seem to make it. Something always came up, or I had a fear of traveling that far with the kids and a bunch of food. Now that we live close by, it’s just a walk in the park, so to speak. I was supposed to bake some bread for the event but having not baked in a while I’d lost my touch and it came out terrible. So I opted for challah and brioche from Fairway. It ended up going home with someone. 🙂 The kids and I had a great time and we can’t wait for next year. So much knitting and spinning and crochet creativity, good food(I think I have a new love for coleslaw– I didn’t care for it as a child) and lots of cold water. It rained at the end but the outcome was just as good:

2009 KnitaQue Rainbow over Harlem

I was too shy to go around introducing myself so I didn’t get everyone’s names. Maybe they will see the photos and remind me who they are. 🙂 In my mindlessness I forgot to get some photos of myself. The kids were off playing in the playground nearby or I’d have had them do it. Pure Jeanne E Yuss. I’m sure there will be pics taken by others somewhere in the blogosphere.

Let’s back up a bit, shall we? On Saturday I started a pair of pants for lil Beanlet. I was hoping to get them finished in time for Sunday but I farked up the hemming so I just put it to the side for when I wasn’t so pressed for time.

green pants ready to sew

These are from the New Look 6797 pattern. I may or may not bother with a matching shirt. I mostly got it for the pants. Simple enough pattern to do, and this is my first time I made the effort to trace a pattern out so I could cut the tracing and save the original. For myself I guess I wouldn’t need to do it, as I’m not going to get any taller(and let’s hope, not any wider!), but for the kids, I felt it was worth it to keep from re-buying the same pattern types year after year.
New Look 6797 pants

The kids are going to Gramma’s for a week or so, thus I wanted to make sure they had enough light weight clothing to fit in their bags. For some reason they never seem to have enough summer clothes, but plenty of fall/winter stuff.

Well, I had a good time. What was your weekend like?

Back to the sewing machines. TTFN!


One comment on “Food, Friends, and Fabric–What a Weekend!

  1. bezzie says:

    That’s freakin’ brilliant tracing the pattern so you don’t cut the original. What paper did you use to trace onto?

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