Passion Rekindled

What with all the sewing going on lately I hadn’t been doing much of anything else craft-wise. The occasional knit dishcloth or whimsy as a travel project, but nothing to write home about. I was so focused on fabric I didn’t have my wheel ready for the Sistahfriends Knit-a-Que this past weekend, nor did I have a knitting/crochet project lined up. I went to get Dutchie ready and found my jury-rigged tension spring(i.e., fishing line and a rubber band) had broken. I also didn’t have an empty bobbin ready to go so I said F it and left the wheel. I remembered I had some Creatively Dyed fiber I hadn’t finished spinning from way back in Oct. 2008. I bought it at Rhinebeck, along with a Turkish Spindle. So, I grabbed that and a ball of sock yarn and a circ and kept moving. Though I worked on the sock more, I really wanted to get back to the spindling. But I hadn’t used it in a long while and couldn’t remember how to wind on.

I went to find instructions online last night when my internet crapped out and didn’t come back on for more than 12 hours! By that time, I’d already figured it out. So far I have:
Mini skein
that little tiny skein of ‘andean’ plied yarn.

I’ve since restarted spinning with the rest of the fiber and this afternoon I had this little bit to show:

Getting reacquainted

I’ve already put a bunch more on there and had to tear myself away to type this post. 😀 I’m finding the spindling very relaxing. It’s clearly not the same as spinning with the wheel but it has its own special place in my crafting repertoire. I have a few hurry-up-and-wait errands to run in the next few weeks so I’m sure I’ll be bringing it along with me. I suppose I’ll have to steel myself for the stares-and-questions routine. Pfft, this is New York City; weird= normal.

As for the socks, they’ll come with me too. I’m on the short-row heel of the first one; it’s a pair for the Biggest Beanlet, as I only had the one ball and I know I can’t get a complete adult size pair out of that.

Speaking of the Beanlets, they’ll be spending a whole week with Gramma!! You know what that means right? CRAFTING! YAY. I’ll have plenty of time to get my fall knitting/ spinning projects mapped out, since I won’t have little people to measure for sewn clothes. I don’t plan to sew much for them this fall anyway, as they wear uniforms to school and those have already been purchased. Big kid has a stricter policy than the other two so if I DO make anything it’d have to be a certain color, and I’m not really feeling color restrictions, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Well, the fiber calls! TTFN


2 comments on “Passion Rekindled

  1. bezzie says:

    Beautiful spinning. I’m very jealous of your kid-free week.

  2. Necia says:

    Yea me too. Very jealous that is. Very nice spindling.

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