In a Groove

I’m slowly getting out of a sewing groove and into a knitting groove. I realized this as August ended with a flurry of crafting gatherings which didn’t really yield themselves to serging/machine sewing. I’m not a big hand-sewer (though one lady at the Knit-a-Que was HAND QUILTING a huge quilt!), so I just opted for some portable yarn projects, i.e., a sock and a spindle of fiber. On the tail end of August was a yarn gathering in NJ, so I hopped in a rental and headed out that way to hang with the girls. I thought about bringing the wheel but in the end I just went with the same sock and spindle business.

Before leaving though, I’d managed to remove the first big cop of the merino-tencel blend I had been working on since I got it in Oct. 08.

little ball o' joy/Mer-ten

I’m almost ready to remove the mate to that. And there’s still more fiber so I’m looking at a possible 3-ply. My little mini-skein has taken a turn for the worse(read: the cat got it) and I have nothing to do a little swatch with. Damn. I’ll have to resort to using my swatch if I run out of yarn for the project. I’m thinking it will be a hat. I’m not a fall/winter type so I’ll need something bright to cheer me up. In the past I’d purchased a bright-ass blue shower curtain with realistic-looking clouds to ‘open up’ the bathroom, and I’m planning to bring it out again in a few weeks. πŸ™‚

Of course Startitis is rearing its head with the fiber-isms so I had to stop myself from getting another turkish spindle to start a different fiber on. Just for the coolness of it all. But also because I’m too lazy to try and remember what I was working on with the wheel so I can ply it all. I need to work on emptying all those bobbins. I’m at a point where I’d rather just get more spindles than bobbins. How sad is that? I still love my wheel though.

While shopping for some special school supplies for Biggest Beanlet I wandered through a bookstore and came upon these:

Bookstore goodies

Fall ’09 Knitscene and an apron book, “The Perfect Apron”, by Rob Merrett. Whoa, startitis. There are at least 3 knitting projects I want to work on. I’m thinking, in order to slow my roll on these I’ll have to spin for the projects. I just hope I can get a yarn that will meet gauge without too drastic a needle-size change. At least this way I significantly reduce my fiber stash and get some beautiful handknits out of the deal, right? πŸ˜‰

As for the apron book. Wow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have love for “A is for Apron”, but the deal with enlarging the pattern templates is kind of off-putting. With “The Perfect Apron”, however, there are already full-sized pattern pieces in the back of the book. The trick is that all the aprons start with a basic shape(where the patterns come in) and you can embellish or alter them to suit the ideas in the book or your own imagination. The rest of the pieces for each apron are simple shapes with specific measurements that pretty much anyone with a pair of scissors can cut out. So I’m thinking this new book is going to get more use than the other. πŸ˜‰

In more personal events, fall means back to the gym. I really fell out of the groove on that. Recently I lost my trust MP3 player somewhere in my house. I think I put it away for safe keeping and now *I* can’t find it. I looked everywhere it might be and still can’t find it. It was acting up anyway(probably heard me cussing about it and decided to go off to die somewhere) so I finally broke down and got a new one.

The only thing about it, is that my old one had a cord to hang around my neck so I wouldn’t lose it in the street. There is no cord for this one. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make some sort of holder for it, right? πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned for that in a future post.

3 comments on “In a Groove

  1. Darnnit! Now I want to go buy an apron book… You are such a temptress! πŸ™‚

  2. Guro says:

    OMG, apron book!

    (Guro wonders if Beanie knows that all her aprons are worn out…)

  3. bezzie says:

    I’ve got the same (or damn similar!) MP3 player–freakin’ love it!

    Aprons are on my list of to-sew. I haven’t found “the” pattern yet though, you know?

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