Out with the old, In with the new.

School has started for the BeanKnit household. The day started out crazy. Things went fairly smoothly for the big and middle beanlets but littlest beanlet’s bus took the scenic route and didn’t arrive until 40 minutes AFTER classes started. Talk about boiling blood. As I type the two little ones are still out so I’ll see how the day pans out.

After freaking out about having accidentally bought the wrong color shirts for big girl, and luckily finding a shirt that fit from a previous school, I settled in to ironing their clothes for the next day. And then I was met with this:

Old dirty ironing board cover
Gross, dirty ironing board. After my sewing spell in June I left the board up in the kitchen for convenience. Bad move. Between hubby and his sandwiches and other unknown stains(and it was hella ugly to begin with–it came with the board) it was time to go. So I got started with this pattern and in no time I had a spanking brand new ironing board cover.

A progress shot:

Ironing Board Cover

That was a bit of work getting down on the floor to trace around the shape of the board but it was fairly quick. I only wish I’d made the tracing larger, as it’s barely covering the underside of the frame. I’ll know for next time to add a few more inches.

The grey fabric is the wrong side of some denim remnant I got at Joanns several months ago. The orange fabric is a remnant from a local fabric shop I often visit. I was lucky they were the right size because this was truly a last-minute project.

Finally, after some harrowing curve-sewing(that’s another reason why I wish I had used more of the fabric–I had a hard time turning with enough room for the safety pin to go through the casing without sacrificing too much fabric for the top*), I was done!


I love it! I’m not feeling any crazy urges to iron everything in sight, though. 😉


* There’s a similar pattern here which actually referenced the pattern I used. The U-handblog version uses the casing from the old cover, but since my old one didn’t have that kind of casing I had to use the other.


4 comments on “Out with the old, In with the new.

  1. Guro says:

    That is one great make-over! Glad you’re not feeling the urge to iron everything in sight thoug. I had that once (last week of pregnancy) and never want to go there again!

  2. bezzie says:

    I dig it! I wish I freaking had an ironing board! wtf on the bus situation!!!!

  3. I totally *love* your new cover! The fabric is amazingly awesome and bright! I may just have to make one for the naked ironing board stored in the shed…

  4. Necia says:

    I recently made an iron board cover, and like you I need another one. I left mine up in the kitchen, and that was a really, bad move. I’ll prolly make this one. I feel a sewing spell coming on, just as soon as I finish cleaning that sewing room.

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