Thought Soup.

3 thoughts on “Thought Soup.”

  1. I know I wanted to go to Garden State S&W too,, You know Jesh was there this year with her spindles? I didnt want to do that drive myself again to come home exhausted and non-functioning. No Rhinebeck this year? 😦 Anyway I can convince you?

  2. I thought about goign tot he Garden State Wool Festival but I’m broke as a joke and its no fun window shopping at a fiber fest so I opted out. I’m going to try to go to Rhinebeck this year but if I don’t you and I can have Rhinebeck party here in the city.

    I’m also so jealous of how big your bobbins are. I don’t think my Victoria can hold that much wool. And make sure you join the Sheep to Whatever group on Ravelry if you’re not already a member. Its great inspiration.

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, we’re all spinning! I love it! What color you’re going to dye? I need to desperately clean my sewing room, but I think I wanna go home and spin some more.

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