(Almost) Sheep-to-Sweater Progress

So far so good...
That photo was of the first 4 skeins.

I’ve since finished spinning the yarn for the unnamed future sweater(UFS) and the twist is being set as I type this. It’s unnamed because until I knit a swatch I have NO idea what sweater I’ll make with it. And that’s IF I wind up with enough. My only regret with using this fiber would be if the 2.5 lbs is not enough. I already know it won’t be cabled. Cables eat yarn. Garter stitch also. Though, I’m itching to try either Bel or Margot and those appear to be yarn-hungry patterns. I think this is the time to really take stock of what size I REALLY am, so I don’t make too big of a sweater and wind up running out of yarn. Over the years I found myself making things way too big because I overestimated my size.

Another issue I have with my handspun yarn in particular, is that I always underestimate the gauge on them. I tended to go by how the yarn LOOKED rather than how it knit up or how many wraps per inch it made. Well this time I have no choice but to try it and see. What might dictate what I make with this yarn is not the yardage but the gauge. That’s new to me. In the past I just bought however much I needed but in this case, since I’m spinning it myself, I have to knit something that fits the size of the yarn. It’s a slow, uphill battle trying to spin to a specific weight because I can never seem to spin a consistent singles. I suppose the only way to get that is with commercial yarns but I refuse to go there.

twist setting

This is the yarn twist being set in the bathroom. 8 balanced skeins. There was a lot more dirt/lanolin in there than I thought, because the soak water was very dirty. It’s a good thing I didn’t just go straight to dyeing. I’ll have to get a huge pot to do that anyway. I don’t want to risk major shade variations caused by using two different pots. Variations within a skein, I can live with. It’s that Oh-$hit-I-got-two-different-dyelots look I’m trying to avoid. 😉

Sigh.. I’m itching to spin something else right now. What I really should be doing is using up what I’ve already spun! Time to dig in the stash! TTFN

2 comments on “(Almost) Sheep-to-Sweater Progress

  1. bezzie says:

    I can’t wait to see how you dye them or what you end up knitting w/them!

  2. Chante says:

    Wow, your spinning looks even enough to me. Maybe I’ll pick up my sheep-to-sweater project thats been languishing for the longest. Good job!

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