Gaining Confidence…

… with my spinning. Seeing the yarn come together is awesome. Visualizing the project to be done is exciting. Hoping I made the right choices is stressful.

It’s been a long road to making something I can really work with. As previously stated, I’m learning to more properly determine what size yarn I’m making. And I’m still working on really understanding how thick my singles are turning out. I’m still struggling to spin thicker singles.

I’m also learning that the form of fiber and the breed really affects the outcome. I’m seeing that carded fiber and longer staple combed fibers tend to thicken a bit with soaking/setting the twist. At least that’s how the BFL I’ve been spinning for mittens is turning out. I’m thinking it will be great for a pair of Pirate Mittens.

This might be Pirate(Mittens)

I’ve decided to go ahead and knit with the mauve-dyed Australian wool and then overdye the garment. I still don’t have a pattern in mind for it, and I’ve been trolling Ravelry for something I’ll like that uses thick yarn. I’ve yet to swatch but I get the feeling I’ll be using 8s or even 9s. This is a three-ply after all. Next time I do that I’ll have to go for a thinner single. Or leave it as a two-ply.

All hanked up and ready to go!

I’ve yet to fully measure the sweater yardage but so far one hank is coming in at approximately 147 yards. I’m sure I have enough for the mittens though. Off to swatch!


3 comments on “Gaining Confidence…

  1. bezzie says:

    It doesn’t even look handspun! Very uniform.

  2. Necia says:

    Everything looks delicious!

  3. Saffron says:

    That’s some lovely handspun you have there. 🙂

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