Guilty Pleasures…

Such as shopping at a new Michaels store. Finally I don’t have to go to the ends of NYC to get my craft on. Yeah there’s Sav-A-Thon and a few other small shops but none of them offer sweet coupons! I love coupons. 😉
New Michaels goodies
I was able to score a 5-pack of rotary blades for 40% off, a list pad for jotting down things in a pinch and a pack of playing cards for a buck each! Couldn’t pass that up. The store has its usual array of craft supplies and home decor items. Geez, though, it’s barely Halloween and already they have the Christmas trees on display. And damn if I can’t use a coupon on those! Oh well. Joann’s is still far away but it’s a nice trip if I need to clear my head, get some knitting done and get my sewing pattern sale on. Adding a Joann’s to Manhattan would just be pushing it, really.

In knitting, I had to put aside the Heather Hoodie while I figure out how I’m going to proceed. I’m really not in the market for new yarn, and the fiber I do have probably won’t go well with what I have. It’s superwash, whereas the yarn for the body and hood will not be. I do have other non-superwash fiber, but I don’t think I have enough for the armhole ribbing and buttonband/hood ribbing. hmm. I might try and use that Lopi yarn I planned on using in the beginning. It could work, but for the body itself I couldn’t get gauge. So far, the body appears to be right on target.

HatHeel sock 1

While mulling that over I cast on and finished one of the HatHeel socks. I like the design concept; it’s a fun one and the sock fits perfect. I just wish the pattern could have been written a bit more simply. I had to read certain sections over a few times to make sure I was on the right track. This is a definite repeat though.

I’ve also got a project in the works I can’t talk about right now. You’ll just have to hold your horses. 😉

I’ve been woefully behind on so many projects it’s a crying shame. I hope I can get them all done before year’s end.


3 comments on “Guilty Pleasures…

  1. Saffron says:

    I love the stripiness of that sock!

  2. cici says:

    I 2nd that.. I can hardly believe we are almost at the years end… I would like to say I completed all my unfinished projects by dec 31

  3. bezzie says:

    NIce sock! And yay for Michaels! I’d still kill for a closeby Joanns though….

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