Slow and Steady…

I’m not exactly racing, but I am trying to deal with my most recent bout of Startitis. Or, more aptly, Queue-itis.

They say the internet is a wasteland, and perhaps some of it is.. But there, I find much of my craft inspiration as well. It’s insanely addictive, to the point where I am so busy looking for ideas and patterns, that I don’t actually get anything done! Loads and tons of project ideas come my way and I want to do them all! And yet, there’s not enough time in the day. Sigh.

I’ve put the Heather Hoodie on hold. Since Fall seems to want to play dress-up and pretend to be Spring, there’s not much need for warm handknits around these parts. Oh the occasional day of cold or two, but nothing long-lasting. I guess now’s the time to get stuff done so no one’s freezing this Winter.

I currently have finished Big kid’s pompom beanie(I need to take a good pic of it but it’s too warm to wear!), and am working on just finished an Irish Hiking Scarf to go with it. Also there’s mittens to be made. Then I have to do the same for Boy Beanlet, and make mittens and a hat for Littlest one. She already has a scarf that’ll match them so I’m going to leave that out. Gives me time to work on other projects that I have waiting in the wings.

So much to want to do and so little time. You know that ‘seefood diet’, where you see food and you eat it? That’s how my knitting/spinning/crocheting/sewing mojo has been. I want to try it all! But I don’t say much because I have this habit of talking about something and then never actually doing it. So instead of promising a bunch of FOs I keep to myself. But believe me, I’m still at it!



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