Craft Ramblings (photo heavy)

So what’s been going on? Quite a bit, actually.

Finished a slew of hats for the kids. And I got some proof of the statement that certain color dyes affect the overall feel of a yarn. This holds true even with acrylic, I’ve found.

(forgive the blurriness, please)

Boy Beanlet’s hat, made with the Eat-a-Hat pattern, in Loops and Threads Impeccable in black. This is 100% acrylic and this particular color was harder to knit with than the lavendar or brown that I made the other hats with. I’d never heard of this brand of yarn before and it being on sale sealed the deal. I’ve no regrets but I know next time for black yarn I’d have to splurge a little and get something with some wool in it.

Then there’s

This time it’s the Kable Kid hat pattern. I could have sworn I made one like this before.. only without the pompom, and in handspun. It’s just as well, seeing as the Mr. accidentally felted that one so now kiddo can have it ‘again’. 🙂 Again in L&T Impeccable in Lavendar.

Finally we have a simple ribbed beanie(during which I seriously jacked up the crown decreases)
Same yarn, in Chocolate. This was by far the softest of the colors I have. And it still had a little of the typical squeakiness found in most acrylics.

Though it seemed to soften up when I knit this into an Irish Hiking Scarf to go with it:
Irish Hiking Scarf

I’ll probably do another of these for Boy Beanlet. Littlest one already has a lavendar scarf, so all she needed was a hat and mittens. Nothing fancy there, just standard stuff. I’m seriously considering double stranding the yarn with wool for extra warmth. I know wool is supposed to keep your warmer than acrylic but honestly, as far as I’m concerned nothing really warms me except a heated room! But that’s another post…

In sewing/fabric news, Ugh. I’ve had a hell of a time getting my hands on the one book I’ve probably been wanting without realizing it. I never figured it would exist. I’m talking about the 101 One Yard Wonders book. You know the 101 One-skein wonders series? Same concept but with fabric/sewing instead. I drooled at the thought of working some of the patterns in there. Yeah there are certainly free patterns out there in the webosphere that you can do with just one yard of fabric but I can’t help myself. I love craft books. And I’m always on the lookout for new patterns/ideas. I would have never dreamed of such a book but apparently someone was reading my subconscious. 😉

Now if I could just get my fat little hands on it, I’d be ok. I’m working on that, trust you me. Oh! and if you’re an Etsy fiend like me, and you sew, you’ll want to head over to Keyka Lou‘s for a fantastic 2-fer sale going on now! I already ordered the Business Card Wallet and the Lots of Pockets tote. I’ve heard so many good comments about this designer and I really like what I see, so I had to try it myself.

If you check that first picture again, you’ll notice what the hats are resting on. While digging in my closet for yarn to work on Boy’s hat I re-discovered my old keyboard I got almost 20 years ago. I used to love playing with that thing. I took a basic piano class in high school and kept playing at home. There were a bunch of songs I could play for hours of entertainment. One song I loved most, was “Wind Beneath My Wings”, as sung by Bette Midler in “Beaches”. (FTR I never saw that movie, and have no inclination to. In fact I didn’t know the song was in there. Rather, I learned of it from heavy radio airplay during the Gulf War of the late 90s.) Anyway, mom would love to hear me play and sing that. I stopped playing when she died. But for some reason I felt like trying again. And Oh Em Gee, my hands hurt lol. I forgot how much work piano playing is. I’ve never been able to really read music on the fly so I am relegated to memorizing the notes. I suppose I’ll have to forget a few phone numbers, blood types, children’s middle names and how to cook in order to find room for this one song. 😉 I was gonna sell the keyboard but big kid is taking a music class and could practice on it. One of my favorite things to do as a teen was to play on my keyboard and have mom there with me. Here’s hoping I get to relive some of that with my own kids.



5 comments on “Craft Ramblings (photo heavy)

  1. Naomi says:

    Hi there! Thanks for making Eat! Yours turned out very nice – hope that you enjoyed it.

  2. Love how the hats turned out!! And you’re going to love the Lots of Pockets Tote. It is very fun to sew!

  3. nas says:

    hey ” beaches ” was pretty good ! and yes , wow u have been busy !!!!! great job on those hats lady !

  4. nas says:

    wow…maybe u should take up playing again , or teach one of the kids !!!!
    talent : hidden in the closet ! love it !

  5. bezzie says:

    I like that Eat a Hat Hat. Nice! Ha ha, I have fond memories of my old man playing the saxophone and my brothers and I jumping on the bed screaming “Yucky music! Yucky music!” ahhhh…good musical times.

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