Well, darn.

Looks like the old laptop has fallen in the hole. Fried like a chicken steak. I was typing away one minute, and the next, BLOMP. Nothing. Motherboard fried. It has over heated in the past and always came back on but this time it just didn’t want to do it. Thankfully I can get it fixed without giving up any limbs or internal organs. It’s gonna be crazy trying to share hubby’s computer with EVERYONE ELSE in the house. But, I’ll manage.  I’ll be back soon with a crafty post. But first I need a beer to clear the insanity of getting my web browser to even work the way I wanted it to. 😉 Cheers!


5 comments on “Well, darn.

  1. cici says:

    oh no.. that’s no fun.. I hope everything works out for you?

  2. Good luck! Let us know when to send in the nice men in the clean white coats.

  3. spin says:

    Hello Beanie!

    That is no fun about your laptop! ARGH! I hate when that happens! (We had one that kept overheating too and it was sooooo tedious!)

    I had to find your new “hideout” here! Love the blog! Love the handspun! Love the projects! (Pirate mittens got saved right away! LOL)

    Sending you hugs!

  4. nashe says:

    this is why i HAVE got to get my pictures backed up , printed and OFF the pc ..this is my biggest fear !!!! to loose info to PC failure !!!!

    hope u didnt lose too much stuff !

    peace & love

  5. nashe says:

    that does suck very badly !

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