That’s what I’ve been doing with my crafting lately. I wanted to get more practice with double knitting, especially in terms of remembering what color to work with at a given time. So I figured I’d try to do stripes. At first I did single row stripes but it started to make me dizzy so I switched up to double row. A few triple rows slipped in there but I was having too much fun to stop.

Hotpads in action

Double knitting allows me to spend more time using both my hands without it being traditional colorwork. What’s funny is, when I first started knitting, I couldn’t purl with my left hand like I can now; I had to switch the yarn to my right hand to purl. Now, I can’t purl with my right hand to save my life! If I do, the stitch is facing the ‘wrong’ way and I have to work into the back of it to get it to lay right on the next go-round. I find that a bit too fiddly for my taste. I did a few more hot pads and got to use them today.

I decided to experiment some more with my baking too. I wanted to know if I could incorporate ham and cheese into the sweet rolls. So far, it worked!

I simply divided the dough in half and layered ham and cheese on the dough, then rolled it right up. I think next time though, I’ll roll the dough a tad thinner. I have a feeling the middle didn’t bake well on one of them, but reheating for breakfast should solve that.

The weekend is not over yet, and I’m hoping I get to experiment with some fabric too. Lil Beanlet needs belts like no tomorrow. I think it’s time I got my sewing machine in gear and get ‘er done! šŸ˜‰

That’s all for now. See ya soon! Happy Crafting!


4 comments on “Experimenting

  1. bezzie says:

    Oh sweet lord–those rolls look AMAZING!

  2. Ajastoy says:

    Mmmmmmmm,,, that pic of your roll,,,, is making me very hungry right about now! It looks luscious!!

  3. patrice says:

    I want to learn to double knit… but only after I figure out 2 @ a time on 1 needle lol

  4. Adrienne says:

    Oh yum! you just made me HUNGRY! lol

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