Making sense of it all… or, I’m officially F-SABLE!

3 thoughts on “Making sense of it all… or, I’m officially F-SABLE!”

  1. Uh oh… If that’s F-SABLE, I’m in serious trouble… I love how you’re organizing them in the bins though. Love me some rolling bins! I’m glad you’re making progress on basic black too! I wouldn’t worry too much about the 80/20 blocking out. My favorite hard wearing yarn is an 80/20 and it blocks just fine. It also washes like a dream. Can’t wait to see the needle rolls!

  2. You say that your F-SABLE… I don’t think your stash looks that bad… I think I have seen a lot worse, you look pretty organized to me. I have all my stash under my bed. I would love to be able to see what I have. Think that if I make it visible, I might use it up more. I tend to buy the same thing way to often too. I hope there is some hope for us

  3. Hee hee. It could be worse…I wish I had a picture of my mother’s sewing room. There’s JUST enough room for her in it. And she’s not that big!

    Can’t wait to see your needle roll. I want to knock one off after I saw it at a LYS today….

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