Making sense of it all… or, I’m officially F-SABLE!

Fabric stash, before

This is my fabric stash. Any questions? 😉

I am officially F-SABLE, or Fabric Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy. Actually, if I live to be 75 I might be able to use it all for something. But it’s still a lot of fabric. There’s no set amount one should be able to use within a year, but whatever that criterion is, I’m past it.

I figured disorganization is part of what’s been keeping me from using the stash. I didn’t know what I had and I’d go buy more. I’ve yet to buy the same print twice without knowing it, but I keep finding new stuff, only to get home and find I’ve got something similar, or which would be just as good for a project in mind. So, to help put an end to that, get a better idea of what I have, and fall in love with my stash again, I set out to ‘organize it’.

I put the word organize in quotation marks because, well, organization for me is futile at best. Mainly because I lack the space I’d really need to put it all away the way I’d like

Fabric Stash... after

This is my cotton yardage so far. I’ve got a bunch of scraps I want to put to use at some future date in another bin of its own, which also houses my many fat quarters I purchased when I was in a fat quarter-buying haze. Also not pictured is a bin with stretch knits and stuff I want to make clothes out of. I think I went a little overboard buying knits for my new serger. Crazy that I bought it near the end of the Summer last year and figured I’d stop with the T-shirt making because it was going to be Fall soon. We see how that turned out! I could have just kept going. Hopefully I can get a head start for the Summer THIS year.

Lest you think I’m not knitting:

Basic Black for Big Beanlet

“Basic Black” is coming along. I got over the hump I was stuck behind in regards to the shoulder shaping of the fronts. After I finish this, though, I MUST do something with the Heather Hoodie Vest before it gets too warm. I’ve decided to just keep it with no sleeves. I should be able to do the hood and button band with the three balls of handspun I have left. I can’t wait!! I’ve been reading the hood has been turning out extra big for some knitters so I will have to keep an eye on when exactly to accommodate for that. That should leave me with more yarn for the rest of the project.

The only thing bugging me about the Basic Black is the yarn is 80/20 Acrylic/wool. It was a gift to me, so I can’t complain. I just hope the blocking goes smoothly with what little wool content it has. Otherwise seaming will be a doozy!

As for actually sewing, Nashe challenged me to sew a knitting needle roll-freehand! I’m up for the challenge but I’ve got some cleaning to do for guests this week and getting the fabric under control took a lot more time than I’d hoped for(it lives in the livingroom, so I had to do something). I’m typing this during a cleaning break. I’m almost done and hopefully I’ll have tomorrow while the kiddies are in school to catch up with the needle roll. I do desperately need one. Or two, or 3! (DPNs, circs and crochet hooks)

I guess that’s it for now!
Later gaters!


3 comments on “Making sense of it all… or, I’m officially F-SABLE!

  1. Uh oh… If that’s F-SABLE, I’m in serious trouble… I love how you’re organizing them in the bins though. Love me some rolling bins! I’m glad you’re making progress on basic black too! I wouldn’t worry too much about the 80/20 blocking out. My favorite hard wearing yarn is an 80/20 and it blocks just fine. It also washes like a dream. Can’t wait to see the needle rolls!

  2. cici says:

    You say that your F-SABLE… I don’t think your stash looks that bad… I think I have seen a lot worse, you look pretty organized to me. I have all my stash under my bed. I would love to be able to see what I have. Think that if I make it visible, I might use it up more. I tend to buy the same thing way to often too. I hope there is some hope for us

  3. bezzie says:

    Hee hee. It could be worse…I wish I had a picture of my mother’s sewing room. There’s JUST enough room for her in it. And she’s not that big!

    Can’t wait to see your needle roll. I want to knock one off after I saw it at a LYS today….

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