Sew it's come to this…


Inspired by Karen to brave the wilds of garment-making, I set out to sew my first button-down shirt. I’ve had the pattern in my stash for at least a  year, along with two pieces of fabric but I was always too chicken to actually do it.  I chose what I thought would be a really easy pattern from a brand I like a lot(Kwik-Sew!) but I still had a few issues. I managed to get through the shoulder seams, confusing though they were, only to really fark up and wind up with what you see above.

That’s right. I sewed the sleeve on the wrong side. After pinning and repinning that section and finally seaming it, I was all kinds of YAY and then realized I’d boo-boo’d. Sigh. The seam ripper and I are on drinking buddy terms right about now. Not that I’ve actually BEEN drinking–I suspect that had I been the screw-up would have been worse!

This isn’t going to stop me from making more shirts, though. Though I’m still too chicken to go for long sleeves, I do look forward to sewing a few more projects from this pattern. Summer’s coming and I sure could use them.   As I type this the sleeve needs fixing, and then I can seam the other, then all there is left to do is seam the sides and sleeve bottoms and *GASP*… buttonholes! *nailbiting* Luckily there’s plenty of scraps left to practice buttonholing with. 😉



4 comments on “Sew it's come to this…

  1. I love the color you’re using. You could sew both sleeves on inside out and start a new fashion trend… 😀

  2. bezzie says:

    Very nice! What pattern are you using? I bought a button down shirt online and I tried it on today…yeaaaaah it doesn’t fit. Too big. I’m thinking Ineed to hop on this bandwagon!

  3. Chante says:

    ooooooo I lurve that color green! you are so brave to try a shirt. I tried to sew a skirt and I messed it up so bad becasue I simply didn’t read the instructions. I assumed that like quilting there was a 1/4 in seam allowance when there was really an inch and a half allowance. Yeah, it was wearable but not by much.
    Keep at it! I would love to see the finished shirt. Buttonholes are not that bad by the way.

  4. spin says:

    Hello T.

    Love the colour! I have done this too before! 😀
    To answer your question: Spaetzle are little handmade Bavarian Noodles…
    Recipe? Why sure:,1718,157165-238200,00.html
    This is a basic recipe….I never serve them with meatballs though! NEVER!
    With cheeeeeeeese, or any other kind of meat…no meatballs! *shakes head vigorously*

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