Sew it's come to this…

4 thoughts on “Sew it's come to this…”

  1. Very nice! What pattern are you using? I bought a button down shirt online and I tried it on today…yeaaaaah it doesn’t fit. Too big. I’m thinking Ineed to hop on this bandwagon!

  2. ooooooo I lurve that color green! you are so brave to try a shirt. I tried to sew a skirt and I messed it up so bad becasue I simply didn’t read the instructions. I assumed that like quilting there was a 1/4 in seam allowance when there was really an inch and a half allowance. Yeah, it was wearable but not by much.
    Keep at it! I would love to see the finished shirt. Buttonholes are not that bad by the way.

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