What's been going on (and photos!)

Lately so much has been going on that I tend to just want to zone out and not think too hard whenever I get the chance. So, I hadn’t been updating. Oopsie

Quite a bit has gone down since the last post. On Valentine’s day I got a wild hair to head over to Joanns to hit up another pattern sale. I didn’t find anything I wanted but I did get a few more fabrics and some supplies. The kids weren’t feeling the trip so to calm their happy asses I got them each a little painting set. After we got home they happily painted away and made this:

Aww they love me!

Awww. 🙂 The hubby was at work but he got a kick out of that when he got home.

Since I’d been wanting to get deeper into sewing clothes for me I thought I could use a little more help in the fitting area. I still haven’t gotten around to making a duct tape dress form but I do plan to do that someday soon. In the meantime I got another book to help me understand what I need to do to get my clothes looking right:

I hear you!

While I’m not thrilled with the blouse design I can use this to help me get my dress pants in control. I have yet to find a commercial dress pants pattern that doesn’t have bellbottom legs on them. Either that or they’re meant to stop above the ankle. Not my idea of cute when it comes to slacks. This book even has actual full-size patterns so I don’t have to enlarge and print on a crapload of paper like with other pattern books I have.

I also couldn’t help myself with that leopard print stretch knit fabric. I used to have a night gown I loved in that fabric I am thinking about making a full pair of PJs with it. 🙂

Later on in the week I got a nice box of goodies from Chelsea!! Sweet goodies from afar!

The patterns are a size on the small side but I will be working my trace-a-pattern magic; with the simple lines of these garments it shouldn’t be too much effort to simply draw in extra room. That said, had I not consumed all the candy I might not NEED to upgrade the patterns. But you didn’t hear that. 😉 Not pictured, is some jewelry she kindly threw in for Biggest Beanlet. Chelsea, I want you to know she wears the circle pendant EVERY DAY. Thank you so much!! he

I’ve been knitting, but not working on the stuff I SHOULD be working on. Boy Beanlet lost his other hat I made him(how, I do not know, he never WORE it), so I made him a hat to match his Irish Hiking Scarf. This one, he wears every day.

Irish Hiking Hat

I’ve also been shuffling between Word Search puzzles(Oh how I missed those) and reading during commutes and waiting for appointments. A recent trip to the bookstore got me these two:

Good books

I’ve long been a fan of Octavia E. Butler. I’ve read “Lilith’s Brood”(a compilation of the books, “Dawn”, “Adulthood Rites”, and “Imago”) twice, as well as “Mind of My Mind”, and “Wild Seed”. I intend to read those again too, but in the meantime I needed something I hadn’t read before. I can’t resist a good book sale either, so I got “The Time Traveler’s Wife” for half off. 😉 The movie sounded interesting, so I know the book has to be way better. “Kindred” is the story of a Black woman from 1976 who winds up travelling back in time to the early 1800s over and over again, each time becoming more involving and subsequently, dangerous. This is a real eye opener, folks. All I can say is Wow, you think you KNOW stuff…

I want to dive into that orange sock yarn but I won’t. I still have sweaters to finish. The way the weather is going lately they might come in handy longer than I’d anticipated. 😉 There is also a dress in the works. I’ve got Simplicity 2660 view A traced and cut out but I’m thinking this will have to be a muslin. I don’t know how but the fabric must have slipped and the waistline is no where NEAR even on both back pieces. I could just pull one up but then hem will be majorly uneven. And I don’t want the dress any shorter than it’s supposed to be. Hm. I’ll figure it out.. Until then,

Happy Crafting!


4 comments on “What's been going on (and photos!)

  1. bezzie says:

    Whew! Whatta post!!! Love the hat. He’ll get good use out of it today 😉

    YOu’re the 2nd place I’ve seen the Time Traveller’s Wife mentioned. Apparently it’s required reading for Newark HSers…

  2. Oiyi says:

    You got a nice box of goodies! I read the Time Traveler’s Wife when the movie came out, but I never saw the movie. The book is good.

  3. I’m so glad Biggest Beanlet likes the jewelry. Can’t wait to see how that animal print stretch turns out. 😀

  4. nashe says:

    read kindred …loved it …you will like …
    hop over to my blog and see what im reading this month !
    happy happy !!!

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