Just this once(ok, maybe twice?)

I’ve been tagged by Twisted-Sistah-Knitta for a meme. You all know I’m not really into them and then to mess with you some more even if I do answer them, I don’t pass them on. I tend not to have any interesting/creative/savvy answers to the questions. But this one blindsided me and it is a little unusual. So, here goes:

1 Do you wear a small hand bag or carry a large tote and why?

I used to carry purses, especially back in my office-worker days. But once I’d had my second child I decided I didn’t want to have to carry around a diaper bag AND a purse. I live in purse-snatcher heaven so I didn’t want to fiddle with a bag on my shoulder and I swear they stopped making purses with straps long enough for me to wear diagonally. Or with my luck I’d put it down and lose it somewhere. So I opted for knapsacks, and haven’t looked back. The more pockets the better. Then I had room for baby stuff and whatever I felt I needed to carry at that time.

2 What do you have in your purse right now that does NOT belong in there ?

Probably some receipts from stuff I purchased a while ago. If the item is high value or has a warranty I made sure to remove the receipts for safe keeping immediately upon returning home. Other than that, there isn’t really anything that shouldn’t be there. In fact, other than the puzzle book and pen I just used a few hours ago, it’s empty.

3 What do you NEED to have in your purse:
Hmm. I don’t think I really NEED anything in there. The basic important stuff stays on my person, which bugs me because it means I’m always wearing jeans. I’d love to wear skirts and dresses more often, but that short purse strap problem keeps rearing its head. Sigh..

Well there we have it. Hmm, who to hit this with? Karen‘s been quiet… I’ll bug her. 😉

2 comments on “Just this once(ok, maybe twice?)

  1. Karen says:

    You’re a funny girl. 🙂 Will repost later…maybe at the end of a real blog post. 😛

  2. nashe says:

    hey there !
    how are you doing ?
    happy week-end !
    thanks for responding to the meme…it was short lived however ! lol..

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