Wow! What a week!

And I am TIRED. It was Spring Break for the kids so the hubby and I took advantage of that by taking the kids out almost daily. We didn’t do much on Monday. Tuesday, though, we went out bowling at a local bowling alley. Boy Beanlet tore it up and left us in the dust. Later that night I realized they made an error with our bill and we got two free games the next day! Again Boy Beanlet beat us in both games. All that and I broke my thumb nail like I always do when bowling.. After two days it was sore as hell. When we left there we headed over to my cousin’s house for the evening. Everybody was exhausted when we got home.

On Thursday, we took the train up to New Roc City and had a blast. There were some small issues with the game cards we were using but they were resolved really quickly. Everybody had a good time. Littlest Beanlet rode a carousel for the first time and loved it. The two bigger Beanlets and I gunned for each other at the bumper cars(OMG that was soooo much fun!), while their dad amused himself with some pinball machines. We gained a crap-ton of prize tickets and we divided them up among the kids. Everybody chose a whoopie cushion as one of their prizes and we spent the better part of the next 24 hours listening to them ‘fart’ and giggle.

Friday, after some early morning food shopping(fresh mozzarella–more on that in a bit), we settled in to relax and rest. And I needed it, because when I got up that morning it was all OUCH! I really wanted to soak in the tub but I’m trying to find good tub cushions. I used to have one from Bed Bath and Beyond some years ago and haven’t been able to find one like it since. Sigh..

During all the traveling to and fro, I worked on and finished the cotton apron and I’ve worn it a few times already; it’s a major success. I managed not to soak my clothes while washing dishes. 😀 And I wore it while working on a pizza for dinner last night. I got to use the fresh mozzarella I picked up at the market. I don’t know why I got the wild idea to do that though, as it didn’t turn out the way I’d have liked. I learned that the fresh cheese is too moist to leave on the pizza as long as I’d need to for thorough baking. It started to burn like marshmallows. Although, the crust was crispier than normal so maybe I did leave it in there too long to begin with.

I should add that strangely enough the cheese didn’t TASTE burnt; in fact it was good. It had a distinctly different taste than the preserved kind, but to get the luscious melt we like, preserved it is.

Today is Easter Sunday. We’re not celebrating with anyone this year, just relaxing at home and getting ready for another week. Apron pics are forthcoming, when I get a chance to go out with just ONE Beanlet instead of all three later on this week.


One comment on “Wow! What a week!

  1. bezzie says:

    Man I’m exhausted just reading this!!!

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