One Heck of a Week!

It sure has been. There were loads of errands and appointments to attend to but I managed to get in some baking:

Home made pretzels

Home made salt pretzels on the red plate and cinnamon-sugar on the white. As will all yummy creations in Chez Beanknit they didn’t last long. Hubby had found Auntie Anne’s and I figured they were nice, but I could do just as good. Mine were actually closer to those hot dog-cart pretzels in terms of thickness/firmness, but the flavor was closer to the Anne’s.

The process was time consuming as with pretty much all yeast-based baked goods, but the result was well worth the effort. Definitely will make these again in the future.

There was also time for planting:

Day 10 - Basil

This photo is actually of the 10th day since planting the seeds. It’s basil. I have a marigold mini-pot going also but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work. 😦 There was a bud but the top fell off. How the heck did that happen! I’m hoping the kids didn’t mess with it; they usually give me a report every morning on how the pots are doing. I should do some research on indoor plants.

Growing up, mom usually had plants. She was neither obsessed nor lazy about them, and they did ok. But my livingroom now doesn’t get the intensity of sunlight the kids’ rooms get. Sigh. I’m thinking later this year I’ll invest in a UV lamp so I can have some decent greenery in here. At the very least I’d like to continue growing basil, as well as adding new herbs. Aside from cilantro and parsley, I think basil is the other herb I cook with the most. It’d be nice to have fresh herbs to use without going to the supermarket and paying an arm and leg for half wilted plants.

So, I’m looking at perhaps a few more weeks of this plant in the tiny pot and then I can move it to something bigger!

Once the week’s hoopla calmed down it was time to go hang out with my girls. Rosi G held her housewarming and I think we all had a good time! So much fun I forgot to take any photos(though I found out yesterday I’d left the chip at home so no photos anyway!), but I finally picked up the knitting needles and cast on a sock. All the knitterfriends came through and some of us worked on projects, while chatting life, yarn, crazy-driving husbands, and quilting!

I originally started one pair of socks but quickly remembered I’m not fond of projects that leave a YO at the end of the needle. So I ripped that out and yesterday started on Emily( a Ravelry link, sorry) and haven’t looked back. There will be pic in the flickr once it starts to look more like something. I really need to lay off the multicolored sock yarn because I really do like lace sock patterns and the designs tend to show better on solid colors than on multis. Sigh.

Well that was my week, pretty much. Here’s hoping this next one is even better!



2 comments on “One Heck of a Week!

  1. bezzie says:

    Oh man, now I’m craving pretzels!!!

    Sorry I missed the RosiG shindig!

  2. Saffron says:

    You made your own pretzels? That’s so awesome! They look yummy!!!

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