Mini-Garden Update

Remember these guys?

Day 10 - Basil

Well, they are now:

Who am I?

And, after a few days of friends(Thank you Laura and Karen!) telling me, “Umm.. that’s not basil!”, I learned that it, well, isn’t basil. It appears to be italian parsley, as confirmed by yet another friend. (Thank you Maryann!) I was beginning to wonder myself if that’s what it was but it didn’t look quite the same. I guess the leaves need to get fuller to look more like it.

Now, I have to start all over again and try for basil. This time I’m not going with those little tiny pots. I want to get a couple of bigger pots; one to switch this plant to and another to plant actual basil. I’d start off with a section of already-grown basil but I think that’s kinda like cheating. If I do that I might as well just get it at the market! Sigh. Well, back to the drawing board. Now I have to change all my flickr tags and titles to the new name.

In crafting I’ve finished the socks I started back in April:
Emily Socks-Done!

A terrible shot, I know. It’s too damn hot to wear them. I should invest in some sock forms for warm-weather photographing. I’ve just cast on another pair, nothing special. Striped socks in burgundy and turquoise(yeah what a combo!) to use up some leftovers. I miss sock knitting, and as it gets closer to longer-term hot weather I’m not going to want to work on any sweaters. I’ve made note of where I stand with the Basic Black and Heather Hoodie sweaters, and I’m going to put them away til it cools off in the Fall. No guilt!

This past Sunday I went down to a local Flea/Greenmarket I’ve wanted to check out for some time. I didn’t really get to look thoroughly as I had the kids with me and they were whining hot. I did manage to get some nice tea but I forget what it’s called (genius that I am); they’re there every weekend so I will have to go back and get mor- I mean write down the name.

loose tea

I don’t think I’ve ever had tea that had bits of dried fruit it in. It’s a nice blend that smells heavenly and tastes really good. Perhaps at my next post I’ll have another bag a name for it


5 comments on “Mini-Garden Update

  1. bezzie says:

    It almost looks like marigolds…

  2. Nancy says:

    Yup,, thats parsley! ITS ALIVE!!!!

    That tea looks delish!

  3. cici says:

    i love these close up shots. I also thought it was marigolds. I just planted some oregano and basil outside for my mom. That tea looks delish?

  4. Lynda says:

    They’re marigolds! Don’t worry, you’ll learn them. It just takes a little experience–and you’re already on your way! 😀

  5. nashe says:

    sistah ! you been busy ..I did not for get about you , but then ..i did …been soo busy ! and how is the family ? i feel like a stranger ! so much going on here , and that Good will trip was fun i see and the mini garden ? SEW busy mama ! that is wonderful! peace and the package is soon to arrive .. like i said , BUSY ! lol ..

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