Goodwill Hunting! and FOs( pic heavy)

Several months ago I started troweling through some of the local Goodwill and Salvation Army shops. I’ve found that while the pricing is better at the SA shops, the Goodwill has better selection. Beggars can’t be choosers, though.

The other day I hit up the Goodwill down the road and came upon some goodies. One was a little red Jansport knapsack. Littlest Beanlet’s been hollering about a new bag since hers started falling apart. She loves her new bag and carries around the house all. the. time. There’s also a pair of knickers(?) I found that actually fit. The problem is, they’ve got stains on the legs. Very visible ones. I thought perhaps the owner didn’t want to bother trying to get rid of them, and just gave the pants away. But alas, washing did nothing. That’s not going to stop me. I’m going to over dye them. I’ll save the before and after photos for another post. I’ve got some cool ideas up my sleeve for that project.

Another goodie I found was this:


On Mother’s Day, I got to go fleamarketing all by myself! Yay. I went back to that one I talked about in the previous post(and found out the tea I bought is called Peach Apricot), and went around looking for a pretty teapot and teacup set to enjoy my tea with. I didn’t see much and what I did see didn’t really grab me, or the price just wasn’t to my liking. I hit the Goodwill the next day and BAM! $1 teacup and saucer, from the CorningWare “Champagne & Roses” line. I’ve been searching the net for more like this but nothing so far. I’d just like another two sets of cup and saucer and the whole teapot, creamer and sugar bowl getup and I’d be good. I don’t want to start a whole collection going. Though if the entire line somehow landed at my doorstep, I wouldn’t mind too much. 😉

As for FOs, I’ve finished a stack of little coasters:

Springtime Coasters Springtime Coasters

They’re made from the Springtime Coasters pattern, here (Raverly link). Very quick and simple; a pleasure to crochet. I only needed one but I have so much cotton left over from the spiral potholder and cotton apron I figured I could make more. If anyone would like some coasters give me a holler. I feel a sick urge to make another set! 😀 I made them because I’ve been keeping my teapot on the windowsill next to me and it was sitting on one of the potholders. That thing is huge and hangs off the edge of the sill. I didn’t want to risk swiveling my chair and catching the potholder, thus pulling the teapot to the floor. Enter the coaster. Big enough to cover the bottom of the pot, yet small enough to fit neatly on the windowsill. It’s a win-win!

This is much better

What better to have with some tea than some baked goods? You know me and baked goods. mmmm mmm.


Popovers! And Strawberry Butter!

Strawberry butter

The popovers were fun and easy to make but they are bland. Not to mention the overwhelming egg taste(takes 4 eggs!). My two youngest love them, especially with the strawberry butter. If I try this again I will have to get a real popover pan because I can see the muffin pan just doesn’t do them justice.

Oh well, I think I hear a G hook calling me.

Happy Crafting!


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