My latest obsession: Tea accessories (and the Marigold is kaput!)

Though I’m not a proper tea enthusiast, I do like to drink it. Back in the day it was simple Lipton, or, as I hit my teens, whatever variety of Celestial Seasonings teas mom brought home. As a young woman on my own I quickly fell into coffee, preferring mocha, or caramel varieties of that. But in the last few years I’ve come back to tea, in a way.

It started with and went on to Stash brand. All of those were with teabags, but then I got into loose teas, and got a Bodum Assam teapot to use with them.

The last several weeks have found me running around town looking for tea cups. I don’t know why but I found myself wanting to collect them. When I got my first one back in May I realized that the smaller cup size(I was used to using my big-ass coffee mug), would mean I’d have refill the cup a few times to drink the amount I wanted. The Bodum pot doesn’t retain heat well and I wasn’t interesting in those cozies made for it, or making one myself, so I set out on a quest to get myself a ‘real’ teapot. After about 8 different shops I found one!


This Brown Betty-esque pot was just 7 bucks at the Salvation Army store! Since that first teacup and saucer set from back in May, I’ve acquired 7 more. *ahem*. I don’t have a problem. 😉

All together now!

(click through to see the largest photo and get a better view of each cup)

I think I’m going to just get two more sets and I’m good. I hope. 😉

As for the Marigold, well, I’m thinking I should have cut my losses when I had the chance. It seemed to flourish a bit but now the buds have all shriveled up. I keep seeing potted flower plants and wanting to take one home just to have something pretty in the window, but I know, without the proper sunlight, they’ll be dead in a few days. Dammit. Oh well. I tried.

Oh, I forgot to add. The thrift shops goodies also involved textiles! I got a few nice pieces that will become hopefully a few aprons as well as a baby blanket. I haven’t been actually sewing lately because I’ve spent time fighting with that plant, hitting more thrift shops and rearranging my crafting area. I’m still working on the latter and stuffing it up along the way. I’ll get it together eventually.

Til then, Happy Crafting!


One comment on “My latest obsession: Tea accessories (and the Marigold is kaput!)

  1. Oiyi says:

    I have never gotten into coffee and have been a tea drinker my whole life. I always start off my day with a cup of black tea with milk and sweetened. My favorite brand for the last few years has been PG Tips, a British brand. It is a strong black tea, not like the American stuff on the shelves of super markets.

    I love your teapot and teacups! I wish I had room for a teapot, but I don’t have a place to store it.

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