Still kickin'

Lucky Number 7!

June went by in a whirlwind of lazy(if you can believe that). Everything is about winding down from the school year and into a relaxing Summer. So I haven’t been crafting much at all. The increasing heat doesn’t help either.

So, school is out, and littlest Beanlet celebrated her 7th birthday. The cake was ultra light and very yummy. I’m tempted to make a cake more often but alas, a trip to a local amusement park proved to me I need NOT indulge in the goodies when I couldn’t fit in some of the rides to enjoy them with the kids.

The day before Independence Day we Beans set out to enjoy the new Luna Park at Coney Island. It was an interesting day, and the kids(and Mr. BeanKnit) had a great time. See pics here.

I basically spent June amassing way more teacups and saucers than I can use at once, and delving a bit deeper into the world that is tea. I’m nowhere near a connoisseur of all the teas there are in the world but what I’ve been getting from Adagio suits me just fine.

I’ve tried a variety of flavors and types: flavored ceylons like strawberry, raspberry and chocolate; a sampler of chai teas, my favorite being the Thai Chai; rooibos/honeybush which, I learned, if steeped too long starts to taste like tree branches.

Properly brewing tea is almost a science and I spent one weekend going through about 8 different teas before I figured out how to tweak the technique to get a great pot of tea. There will be a more in-depth review of what I have tried in a later post. Right now I just want to relax with the family and enjoy a peaceful 4th of July.

Happy Crafting!!

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