Crafting Karma rears her head

That’s what I get.

Despite having a stack of WIPs in the UnFO pile, I thought I was gonna try and start a new project. WRONG.


My latest knitting inspiration, the Fall/Winter Seasons Shawl, from Knitpicks. Sigh. I got the latest catalog in the mail a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist. Knowing I had a bunch of WIPs I hadn’t even touched in MONTHS. Shameful, I know. But order I did. After a brief wait, it arrived and all I wanted to do was dig in. And then it happened.

If you look closely you’ll notice the yarn is in hanks. Which means it will need winding before I can knit with it. And I CAN’T FIND MY GOT DAMN SWIFT AND BALLWINDER!! Sigh. I know I brought it with me during the move and I’ve certainly used it in the almost 2 years we’ve lived here. Well, Chez BeanKnit is about to get turned upside down because I MUST find them. For what it’s worth, I will need them when it’s time to dye more yarn to add to the Heather Hoodie I’ve been meaning to complete.

In sewing, Karma bit my rear again! I’ve also got some Un-FO’s in the fabric realm and well, it’s not nearly as bad with that. I’ve got much less undone projects in sewing but I learned a very important lesson in regards to Goodwill-ing. A few months ago I got a cute-but-odd shaped piece of fabric (pics at a later date) that I can turn into an apron. I kept meaning to get the other one(there were two but somehow I only bought one) to have more fabric in case I needed it, but I went back after too long and it was gone. Silly me, thinking no one else would want it. I’ve read things along the lines of, “If you see it there get it because when you go back it’ll be gone.”, and it really applied in this case. Oh well, I’m sure I’ve got some complementary fabric in that huge stash of mine to work with.

Lately though, it’s just been too hot to be in the living room which is where the machines are kept. One of these days I will get around to it. But DAMN I need my swift and winder!


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