Crafting Overload

You’ve heard of Cute Overload right? Well, I’ve fallen deep into Crafting Overload.

No, it’s not a website, as far as I know. This is when you are up to your eyeballs in different crafting endeavors. This may or may not coincide with Crafting Burnout. I’ve been experiencing this in some form or other for quite a while now. But still I feel the desire to make stuff, even if I’m no longer going at it full throttle.

If you’re new to this blog, let me give a rundown of the shenanigans:
Early 2003: Picked up crochet(learned as a child, off and on through the years)
Late 2003: Picked up polymer clay (But dropped it in ’04, though it’s still lurking in the back of my head )
Early 2004: Picked up knitting
Mid 2006: Picked up Spinning/delved a bit more into dyeing
Mid 2007: Peeked at Sewing
Late 2007: Fell into Baking(mostly bread)
Mid 2008: Sewing really took off

So there I lay bare all my crafting insanity. The ONLY reason I don’t scrapbook or weave is because I just don’t find them that interesting/am out of room for supplies and equipment/dead broke/insert bull$hit reason here.

A friend of mine recently stated that she feels she’s got way too many bookmarks in her web browser. I smiled to myself, knowing just what she means. My poor browser is stuffed to the gills with bookmarks of craft projects I’ll probably NEVER get to, or, might even be repeats/similar projects.

I’ve got 6 subfolders under Knitting, which also encompasses Crochet, 6 subfolders under Sewing, one of which is patterns, and THAT has separate folders for(don’t laugh):

Home Decoration, Quilting/blankets, Clothing, Pouches, Bags(don’t ask why Pouches isn’t in that one, cause I don’t know), Aprons, and Whimsies.

Did I mention there’s a Spinning folder? Sigh. Perhaps it’s spreadsheet time, huh? 😉



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