Regaining Balance

Change can be hard to adjust to. I got comfortable with my own server space and domain name, but maintaining both is just not possible right now. Maybe in the future I can go that route again. For the forseeable future, though, will still bring you here.

Slowly I’m regaining balance in my crafts. While my urge to sew is still generally stronger than that for knitting, I am currently working on a new shawl project and I’m rather happy about it.

KP Seasons Shawl: Fall/Winter

The Fall/Winter Seasons Shawl kit, from KnitPicks. I’m not too thrilled with the choice of transitioning from green to orange(say what??)but that’s what was in the kit. Strangely, online and in the catalog, the difference didn’t look so glaring. If I ever knit this again I won’t need the kit; I can just order whatever colors I think would look better. There’s also a Spring/Summer shawl with brighter colors but I wasn’t too keen on the pattern and I wasn’t sure if the included amounts of yarn would work for this one.

After a few false starts I was on my way and I’m enjoying the process. Every so many rows I’m putting in a life line; I don’t find them fun to deal with but it sure beats the tedious task of un-knitting stitch by stitch to get back to a mistake, especially in lace. I won’t need the shawl for a while yet, but I’d like to have it done all the same. Just have to take my time on it.

As for sewing, I haven’t started any new projects but I’ve definitely got some goodies in the pipeline.

I’ve been reading a very inspiring refashioning blog: New Dress A Day. This sewing blogger does amazing stuff with thrifted dresses. Some stay dresses and others become tops. In one entry she was able to get a jacket AND a cover-up out of one dress!! Granted the dress was REALLY big and she’s not, so… But wow, just very inspiring. I’ve done a little refashioning here and there but nothing on that scale. Along with regaining balance I need to work on my skill level and CONFIDENCE. I’m too afraid to try anything for fear of having wasted my time, materials and still not having learned anything.

Hopefully though, a shot at this pair of wrap pants will usher me down the road to sewing proficiency(one can only hope!) I got the idea from my ever-inspiring crafty friend Spinndiva.
Don’t you just love that fabric? 🙂 I do!


One comment on “Regaining Balance

  1. cici says:

    this new look is fabulous♥ Glad you didn’t give up, I love reading you. I hope to get back to regular posting soon♥

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