I’ve been RAOK’d! and New Teapot!

Gifts and new Teapot!

The week was sorta dragging along until I got a RAOK(Random Act of Kindness) package from Nashe . She sent me the two knitting novels and some lush spinning fiber(Hello Yarn!), along with a cute little notecard. And it’s knitting themed too! I gotta find out where she got them from, I’d love to have some to send out to other crafties!! It’ll be a while before I can allow myself to play with the pretty fibers but I’m definitely looking forward to it! Crafting buddies are the best!! 😀 Been thinking about new knitting mysteries and this came right on time.

As I type this I’m sipping on some Adagio Rooibos Orange tea. I’d previously tasted rooibos and didn’t care for it at all. But this flavored blend is really nice; neither flavor overpowers the other. I’m thinking this, along with their Bengal Green Chai and Ti Kuan Yin are my new favorite teas!! And yes, that’s a new teapot. My first ceramic pot got sick and I had to put it down. It had fine cracks that I decided to ignore. Well, the cracks grew and got all gross inside so I had to chuck it in the trash. I miss that pretty pot and I’m glad pots like it are still being made. Maybe in a few years I’ll get another.

I had a second pot already to brew the teas because it has a built-in strainer, but the holes are a little too big and small bits of leaf were getting through. Once that first pot went kaput, I broke down and purchased the PersonaliTea pot, again from Adagio.(Sue me, their tea is reasonably priced and they deliver fast because they’re across the river!) This one is considerably smaller but! it has a mesh infuser basket that fits right in it! Makes much better tea. The smaller size is perfect for me since I drink tea alone. My only real peeve about this one is that the lid and infuser get very HOT and picking them up is tricky. Hmm.. Maybe some tiny tongs are in order.

In knitting, the Seasons Shawl is coming along nicely.

Seasons Shawl progress

That’s the third color I’m working on and soon I can add in the fourth. Why, yes, those ARE lifelines every 12 or so rows. I kid you not, if I don’t use them I fark it up lovely. I refuse to allow this project to wind up a mess because I didn’t take the time to put them in. So far, the only mistakes I’ve had to deal with were no more than half a row away. I plan to put some more rows on it this weekend if I don’t start seaming squares first. That’s right. A while back I mentioned sewing a baby blanket or two and now, everyone has popped. I admit my craft depression got the best of me and I never even started. But dangit, at least ONE baby quilt is getting made and gifted before this year is out! I must!



3 comments on “I’ve been RAOK’d! and New Teapot!

  1. bezzie says:

    Love that notecard–very cool!

  2. patrice says:

    Nothing like raok!

    What do you use to do your life lines?

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