Just Loving It


Don’t you just love it when projects you work on seem to fall into place? Do you get scared, thinking the progress means you’ll just fark up along the way and your hard work will have been for nothing?  If you’re accustomed to things going wrong you tend to get nervous whenever you try something for fear of screwing it up.

That’s pretty much how I felt while preparing a pie crust last night. It’s been almost a year since the last time I tried to make a pie crust. Previously, as in years past, my attempts at crust-making resulted in broken bits of dough that I would have to mash together into the pie pan.  I could never seem to roll it out thin enough without it falling apart on me.

But last night, it worked out very well.

I got this crazy urge to make a sweet potato(yam?) pie and trolled my favorite recipe site(No, I DON’T have something so ‘traditional’ already committed to memory, why do you ask? I know WHAT to put in the pie, just never remember how much!), Allrecipes and gathered my ingredients to make the crust and filling.  After making some recipe adjustments for the crust(and it’s a good thing I did; too much shortening could be a disaster), I got started, thinking all the while, “This is gonna work, this is gonna work…”. I still had my doubts even as I took the still-rather-soft ball of dough out of the fridge after 30 min and popped it in the freezer an additional 10 min.

But once I rolled that sucker out and was able to get it off the table and into the pan in one piece,  it was glory all the way! Yay! My first pie crust that didn’t have to be ‘jury-rigged’ into the pan. Of course, the filling was another challenge, as previous gourd-based pies have been coming out rather runny. This one, too, came out a bit on the soft side. I prefer my pie cold so maybe chilling in the fridge overnight has helped that a bit. But! I know now, to add a little flour to the filling to thicken it a bit. (I’m also wondering if I SHOULD have used that 10″ pie pan instead of the 9″. I certainly had enough dough for a bigger pan, and the filling wouldn’t have been as deep, possibly resulting in a firmer set. Oh well. Live and Learn.)

I’ve also been loving the shawl I’m working on. Well, not just the shawl, as I’m sure it’s going to be really pretty when it’s done, but also the fact that I can ‘read’ my knitting. The pattern(so far) is simple enough to memorize the repeats at the beginning of each row, which helps me gain a rhythm. With that rhythm I can quickly tell when something’s out of whack. At one point, I’d finished a right-side row and proceeded to work the next (back-side) row when I hit a bump in the rhythm. Sure enough, just ‘reading’ back the previous row showed me where I messed up; a bit of ‘tinking’ and I was back in the game.  This isn’t to say I didn’t spend a minute or two cussing at it but it was an easy fix. 😀

Now I’m hoping I can parlay this ‘success’ into a baby quilt I need to get going. 😉



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