Birthday, DIY-Style

DIY Cutting Sewing Table

I got back into sewing in 2007 and had various setups for cutting and sewing but after a while I just couldn’t stand the card tables anymore. The unwillingness to mess with the too-low, push-together-and-still-not-long-enough, too-narrow tables put a major damper in my desire to actually cut fabric and sew.

I’d long wanted to make my own table after a friend mentioned that I could make one with a hollow-core door. Too afraid to mess it up, I kept searching for a low-priced, big-enough table that I liked and found nothing. There was one table at Joanns that folded out into a 60″ by 36″ table but I didn’t want the gaps in the surface where it folded up. I wanted one smooth surface.

I thought again about making the table myself and since my birthday was coming up, I decided it was time to venture out into DIY-land to get what I really wanted. I’d planned on dinner and some bowling with the hubby but figured I’d rather spend the cash on something that would last me longer than one night of entertainment.

So for about two weeks I lived at Home Depot gathering what I’d need and this is the result:

DIY Cutting and Sewing Table/ Birthday Gift

a table so long I couldn’t get it all in the frame without a wide-angle lens. (Well that and the living room was a bit of a shambles which is why I didn’t just back up.) I had to stand on a step stool to get that first photo.

Of course the hubby thought I was crazy but I am so happy!! There was a minor glitch or 3 when the drill would get away from him and went through to the ‘top’ surface. I patched that up with some wood filler and called it a day, but I do plan to finish it to make the surface more water resistant.

Next time I’ll do things a little differently: like attaching the legs while they’re folded up(it’s a long story why I didn’t), and, if I’d had more time to plan it I’d have sprung for a solid door(diminishing the errant drill issue). But overall I think I did a good job. I can’t wait to put a finish on it and get it dry so I can really work with it. I need a winter coat and some new jeans!! Also I’ll have a surface higher than the floor to put my blocking board on for knits!! YAY!

The cake and dinner are gone, but the table remains. It was a very happy birthday for me.

3 comments on “Birthday, DIY-Style

  1. spin says:

    Happy Birthday T.! 🙂
    What a great idea to make this table! I have to cut my fabric on the floor. Oh how I envy you, but in a good way! Enjoy your new cutting table and I hope we get to see many more wonderful creations from you now!

  2. bezzie says:

    Very cool!!! Where did you get legs like that? Do they sell legs separately?

  3. nasheikah says:

    very impressed crafty lady ! i love this table and the possibilities !!!!!
    Happy Belated 25th b-day !!!!!!!!!!!!

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