Hubris is the mother of last-minute sewing

Now that the Thanksgiving food coma has lifted I remembered to post this.

I opened my big fat mouth and wound up having to do something to keep from putting my foot in it. I got cute and told my cousin, who was hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her house that I would bring some Sweet Rolls for the meal. I’m a Jean E. Yuss. Because it’s a long trip(especially with transit running on a Sunday schedule), I decided I’d need to keep the rolls warm so I wouldn’t have them waiting for them to bake once I got there*. So crazy me decided to sew a quilted cake carrier tote which turned out ok, but nothing like what I envisioned.

Below is some fabrics I got at the Sav-A-Thon last year on clearance. I figured now was the time to use them.
Dairy of a Proctrasinating Crafter: Quilted Cake Carrier Wrap

I totally pulled the idea and the shaping out of my a$$ on this one. I thought about making a tutorial but decided against it when I realized I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. But I kept at it. And the result was this:

Dairy of a Proctrasinating Crafter: Quilted Cake Carrier Wrap

I actually finished it the morning of Thanksgiving, having started the evening before. Around midnight I got fed up and got me a drink of coquito, and promptly went to bed.
Yay Coquito!

Looking at the finished item I know now what I’d do different:
1)Make the bottom bigger and the side panel longer to go all the way around to fit so I wouldn’t need the zipper(though I do like that part of it.)
2) Really get an understanding of how to sew in elastic. I couldn’t get it to shrink down over the top as much as I’d have liked. Or,
3) I could have made the side panel taller so I could leave a few inches unquilted and fold that part over for a drawstring casing, eliminating the need to futz with the elastic in the first place. (aha, moment of genius, after it was all said and done)

Other than that, it was a fairly good experience taking my own idea and making something. The family thought it looked good despite the issues with the closure and that alone made it worth while.

* It ended up that when we were leaving she told us she was still cooking so it wouldn’t be like they were waiting for us to eat. Since I was running a bit behind(I farked up the recipe–You can’t always substitute shortening for butter, just so you know) I wound up just carting the rising dough with me instead of baking at home. The warmth provided by the quilted wrap helped them rise nice and big! Yay! Oh and I uh don’t have a pic. We ate ’em. 😉

2 comments on “Hubris is the mother of last-minute sewing

  1. bezzie says:

    I like! And darn, now you have another reason to bake sweet rolls…shucks!

  2. Oiyi says:

    Your whole post cracked me up! Love the title! I am glad that the sweet rolls came out great at the end.

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