Can you believe I’ve had a pair of socks in the WIPs pile for almost 2 years? 2 YEARS! I don’t think I’ve ever had a sock WIP for that long. I knit knee-length socks in 3 months! Shame on me. I don’t have an FO pic of them yet as I’m saving them to wear tonight to a friend’s birthday dinner. I must remember to get a shot of them while there. In the meantime I have some in-progress shots of me finishing the heels and the ‘new’ tool I used to get them started:

Trusty Seamripper

I’ve always been a little nervous about cutting open the contrasting yarn seam on afterthought socks. In fact, when I picked these up to finish them today I was silently swearing to never knit a pair of socks with a heel like this again. I don’t have a pair of small enough scissors to really get in there so as to minimize the risk of accidentally cutting the wrong strand.

Not quite nutkins getting done 001

Then I got a crazy idea to use my seam ripper. And it seemed to work well:
Rippity Rip!
Just taking my time.. going slow..

Rip Rip Rip!


All done!

All finished. Then it was smooth sailing. I did almost nick a strand near the corner when I first started but thankfully it has 10 plies so it should hold up well. If not I’ve got plenty of the yarn left to darn a hole. 😉

Now to start a new pair of socks and hope those don’t take 5 years!


One comment on “Discovery

  1. Oiyi says:

    That is an awesome idea!

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