Red and White Galore! and other things

That’s what I saw when I entered the Park Avenue Armory to visit the “Infinite Variety:Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” exhibit today. Red is my favorite color, so I couldn’t resist this feast for the eyes.

The exhibit displayed 650 of 1000 red and white quilts owned by a philanthropist named Joanna S. Rose, who’d collected them over a number of years. In fact, most of the quilts are older than SHE is. But they all looked to be in pretty good shape. All sorts of designs trussed up in the air, floating around like a deck of cards a la “Alice in Wonderland”. There was NO way I could get a picture of all of them and still get home in time for the Beanlets so I got what pictures I could and just generally enjoyed the vibe of the event.

Four leaf clover

Click through to see all the photos.

Sigh, I keep saying I’m going to do more quilting but chicken out. I already know I’m not going to do anything larger than a baby/lap quilt so at least I’m not setting myself up for total failure. However, I do need to get on the ball, and soon. Lately I’ve just been in a serious funk with a lot of personal stuff going on that I can’t go into here but which plague me nonetheless. I’ll get it together at some point..

I haven’t done much of any crafting. I look at the WIPs and they jeer at me and I look away. A shawl unfinished here, a sweater half done there.. a sock, alone and seeking its mate. Blah, all I want to do is take pictures. And then I hadn’t been doing much of that either, save the usual cat-and-or-kid photos. There’s still a lot of learning to do with this new hobby. I’ll get that yet.

In the meantime, here’s a some geese for you:

Three Geese


One comment on “Red and White Galore! and other things

  1. Necia says:

    Hey did you meet Deborah at the quilt show? I know she was there. I have a ton of personal stuff going on too, but like you said, we’ll get past it. As for your wip’s one at a time. Don’t make your hobbies a job, keep them as hobbies and you will enjoy them more. Don’t know where I heard that at, but it’s working. For the time being. Talk to you soon!

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