Great (Craft) Adventures

Here’s the post I promised the other day(oops!):

Gone are the days when the only way you could meet someone for the first time, was in person. The internet has allowed us to ‘meet’ people from afar, by way of video, blogs, chatrooms, virtual worlds, etc. Often times we so easily develop friendships with people who might otherwise stay complete strangers. I met Mr. BeanKnit this way, as well as all my crafty netfriends. But just as I got the jitters when meeting him face-to-face after months of internet and phone chatting, I still get a little nervous when going to hang out with fiber crafters..

Nashé and Me @ Lion Brand Studio

Meet Nashé, yarn crafter and make-up artist from right here in the (quad?)-state area. She found me by way of my podcast last year and we’ve been chatting ever since. We finally got a chance to sit and knit together the other day. I had a ball! In fact, I had 3 of them:

Lion Brand Baby Alpaca yarn

I picked up this LB Collection Baby Alpaca( and a package of cute little stitchmarkers) when were leaving the Lion Brand Studio, where we sat to click sticks and talk about everything. I also got to put a few rows on the KP Fall/Winter shawl, which I took with me that day. I must admit the biggest reason I stopped working on it was my unwillingness to wind more yarn. Winding laceweight takes ages, it seems. But I’m enjoying the knitting of this project just like before and have been putting in a little work with it each day.

In a few rows, it’s on to the next color change!

Back again..

We also stopped off at B&N at Union Square to check out some crafting novels by Maggie Sefton, as well as a pattern book by the Doublestitch Twins, Erika and Monika Simmons. Unfortunately that location didn’t have it, but I’m sure I’ll find it somewhere!

It rained off and on that day but for once it didn’t bother me because I was having so much fun! Over lunch Nashé and I talked about crafting, motherhood, and makeup! She’s a sweetheart and it felt like old friends seeing each other after years apart. Thank you, Nashé for spending the day with me! 🙂 Looking forward to another meet-up!

Next up, Mother’s Day, Tea, Shawl WIP pics and more potholder madness!


One comment on “Great (Craft) Adventures

  1. nashe says:

    awww, I had so much fun …and with another Adult at that !! thank you for taking me around …It was great to knit and chat and do things we rarely do !!! JUST BE !!!!
    lol….yes, if i can steal the time, I’ll be back for more !!!thank you !

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