Food Frenzy!

So far the week’s turning out to be fairly good despite the rain. No good outdoor pics since every time I saw something snap-worthy it was raining and I couldn’t take the camera out. But in between those drenching moments…

All that remains..

This is all the remains of the yummy lunch I had today. Zagat was sponsoring a Food Truck Frenzy today! It was actually last week but the rain caused a postponement. No matter,k as it rained today too, though not hard enough to stop me from enjoying the food samples. 😉

I’m no foodie by any stretch of the imagination so take these reviews with a grain of salt:

1) Luke’s Lobster Truck: The offerings were a Lobster roll or a Shrimp roll. I choose Lobster and loved it! I’ve tasted chilled lobster before and I didn’t like it at all, but this roll sample had it with a tasty, slightly spicy sauce, on a sliver of buttered roll. Mmm good. I’d definitely get a whole one if I could meet up with the truck again. They weren’t allowed to sell at the event or I’d have seriously bought one! Add one to the twitter contact list!

2)Desi Truck: Having always wanted to try Indian food, this name jumped out at me on the event list a few weeks ago. The choices were a Biriyani, Haleem, and various Kati rolls. I chose the Kati roll with chicken. Sadly, I’m not impressed. Now, I’ve never eaten a Kati roll before so I truly didn’t know what to expect but I would have liked the chicken to be way more moist than it was. It’s as though they just cooked up a bunch of the fillings in anticipation of the crowd and then let it sit. The wrap was light and crispy which was a nice touch but the flavors just didn’t get me. I won’t be clamoring for this truck any time soon.

3)La Cense Beef Burger: They were serving Grass-fed Angus Miniburgers with a few topping choices. Having never tasted grass-fed beef before(as far as I could recall, anyway), I asked for the burger to be plain so I could taste the meat better. Yeah? No. It reminded me of those mystery-meat ‘burgers’ they served in the school lunches years ago. Umm No. Either they’re lying about the quality of the meat or I just don’t like grass-fed. Gimme grain-fed any day! NEXT!

4) I wanted to try the Steak Truck but even after almost 40 minutes they still weren’t open. I don’t know what their deal was but I would have thought they’d have been ready by the opening time. Oh well. On to Treats Truck!: The offerings were a Pecan Butterscotch Bar or a Mexican Chocolate Brownie. I went with the first one. It was nice flavor-wise but this, too, was a bit on the dry side. It was just the right amount of sweet for after lunch. I could see myself going back and maybe trying something else. Maybe today was an off-day?

Then I got to wash it all down with an ice-cold bottle of Perrier. And they even offered these little Colgate Wisp mini-brushes in case you had something sticky or garlic-y. That was very thoughtful.
So that’s it for my mini-reviews. I’m supposed to vote for my favorite truck and today that was the Lobster Truck. Mmm I miss it already.



One comment on “Food Frenzy!

  1. Necia says:

    I love it! Ive been jonesing for Luke’s Lobster Truck since before they opened. I really wanted to try the Venezuelan truck, as I have a thing for spanish food. Im gonna catch Luke’s when they down by Bryant Park. I’ve heard they are expensive, but I don’t care! I love lobster. Go through my follower’s, I should have a list called Food Trucks, and see if that will help you with your twitterer following. I also would’ve tried the green snail, they are a NJ based truck that sells vegan food. Yummy, Im getting hungry thinking about all that I missed. I sure there will be other events like this. Thanks for keeping me posted.

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