2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

  1. Bezzie says:

    Ha ha, that’s about the time I’m waking the kids/husband up. I’ve been up for a little over an hour. (I need to get a life!)

  2. kimkrafty says:

    The photo challenge looks great! I wish I had a better camera. I haven’t had a REALLY good one in years, and years, and years.
    …maybe some day.

    I’ll have to make sure to keep checking back into your posts. I taught myself to knit from books and the internet. Maybe, one day, like you, I can learn more about photography the same way. I find my schedule is erratic and signing up for a class would be the equivalent of flushing my money down the toilet. I’d never be able to attend and I wouldn’t be able to do things according to the class’s schedule.

    Keep doing it.

    Looking forward to more photos and seeing your shawl progress.

    Thanks for checking out my blog again, especially about the Spanish!

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