Visit From a Little Friend (A Special Post)

Back in June, an internet friend of several years had her kids make Flat Stanley dolls and sent one of them up here to visit with the BeanKnit family. (All pictures click through to enlarge.)

Flat, waiting for BBQ

This is Flat. She got to go almost everywhere we went while she stayed with us. This photo is from a friend’s son’s baptism. She was just relaxing in the backyard waiting for lunch. 😉

But first, the ceremony. I briefly contemplated making a paper dress for her to wear but I really don’t do well with stuff like that so I left it alone. Some of the other kids there weren’t all fancy, so she didn’t feel left out at all.

Flat, ready to pray
We also took Flat to Coney Island Beach to enjoy some sun and sand. Here she is sharing lunch with Biggest Beanlet.


Day 9--Someone you love

We had so much fun at the Beach we went back again! Littlest and Boy Beanlets were going around helping other kids bury themselves in the sand. Looks like Flat wanted in the fun too!

One day when the Beanlets were in school, Mr. BeanKnit and I went out to IHOP for a breakfast date and Flat got to come along.


Hey! That’s my coffee!


Actually it was rather warm that morning so I asked the waitress for a glass of ice and made it iced coffee. I told Flat she could sip the ‘corner’ left in the cup. Hee.

There were lots of other places Flat got to go but unfortunately I didn’t get to take any other photos. I will be sending her owner a special map, detailing all the places Flat got to visit while she was here! Hopefully her mom will snap a photo, and with her permission, I’ll post it in a future blog post.

A big Thank You to the Montgomery family for sharing Flat with us. I almost didn’t want to send her back. Hmm. Maybe I should have the Beanlets make one and send it your way!

Next up, Back to Knitting, a little spinning craziness, and more!



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